WWAHost.exe, why it is running on Windows 10, How to Repair WWAHost.Exe High Disk, CPU or Memory Usage in Windows Computers

WWAHost.exe is a file component and we will discuss the measures which help to repair the WWAHost.Exe High Disk, CPU, or Memory Usage in Windows Computers. It is a part of the software program and is now contained in windows 10, MS office 2010, and 8.1.

What Is WWAHost.exe?

WWAHost.exe file is a component of the software program for MS Windows which is developed by Microsoft. It is also termed the MS WWA Host and it has initial nine versions in line. This is initially released in the year 1985 for the OS of windows 8. It’s a utility presented by Microsoft that is available in the System32 organizer/folder and the users do not have to utilize the same. The program was first presented in Windows 8 and assisted a few applications with running to JavaScript.

The most recent WWAHost.exe version is 6.3.9600.17031 (winblue_gdr.140221-1952). It is also pre-contained in the MS office 2010, win 10 and 8.1. It is run in the standard windows procedure with the signed-in client’s record honors.

Many users bring up the thing that WWAHost.exe is maybe virus but the response relies upon the area or the location of the WWAHost exe. Well, the location of this software document and risky rating is 1% perilous (File Location/Rating).

.For this, the user needs to click on the Task Manager and afterward check if the exe. the document is legit, on this the steps to do so are:

  • Click on the sections field and afterward add Verified Signers as one of the segments.
  • In the case, that the Verified Signers an incentive for WWAHost.exe. states as “ unable to verify”,
  • Then, at that point, the document might be the virus and then users need to uninstall the same.

Due to the WWAHost.exe, it may cause the system to slow down due to the high CPU/circle/memory utilization. And we will be discussing the measures to fix the issue of High Disk, CPU, or Memory Usage in Windows Computers.

Reason of WWAHost.Exe Causing High HDD, CPU, or Memory Usage in the Windows Computer


In case, if the user issue is mainly explicit to the E-Mail or a different App, for example, WWAHost.exe shows up or begins consuming a ton of assets subsequent to opening a specific application, the issue is in all probability connected with the corrupted document.

Measures to Repair the WWAHost.exe High CPU/Disk/Memory Usage

The most easily available repair fixes for the WWAHost.exe High CPU/Disk/Memory Usage issues are as follows for the users to fix easily:

Measure 1: By ending the WWAHost.exe process

An easy measure to solve WWAHost.exe high CPU error is to simply end the process through the task Manager.

  • Open the Task Manager by clicking right on the Windows icon then from the start menu, find and open the Task Manager. Or either search from the desktop menu bar near the Windows Icon.
  • From the Task Manager, simply find the WWAHost.exe process, scrolling from the list of items. Select the same and then click right and choose on the End Task Option.
  • After fixing the WWAHoste.exe high CPU error, enable the same again.


Measure 2: Reinstall Mail App and Clear Cache

In case the WWAHost.exe high CPU issue is may be specific to the application like the mail then another measure to fix this is to uninstall the app and clear the cache.

  • Start by opening your system Settings (Press the shortcut keys to open settings Windows +I Keys)
  • Open the App options.


  • From the App folder, search the “Mail and Calendar” app from the list and choose the option to uninstall the same.


  • After uninstalling the APP, leave the setting windows and Open the Run window( use shortcut by pressing Windows+R keys )
  • Then on the run window type the “WSReset” and choose the Ok option.


  • Now check on the Cache and clear the cache, now install the application again by checking on the error, if it persists or not after uninstalling or clearing the caches.


Try out these measures to resolve the WWAHost.Exe High Disk, CPU, or Memory Usage in Windows Computers issue for your system.

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