What is Windows Module Installer Worker

Introduction to Windows Module Installer Worker?

Are you a windows PC user? Yes? OK, then you must have seen various scenarios where windows get updated automatically… But do you know why & how this happens?

Well, if you are someone who wants to know about windows modules installer or TiWorker.exe . Then this blog post is for you. In this blog, we will educate you on the use of windows module installer worker & how to enable & disable windows module installer worker. So, keep reading!

Well, the windows modules installer is simply a process that relates to the windows updates.

All this checking process is an automatic function that keeps running in the background. It is a must-have tool/ running process on your laptops. It is one of the essential system updates, tools that bring the potential installation of new updates in the windows. It has to be set in order to make your system updated to the latest windows updates by the windows team. It’s a bug fixer.

The Windows team continuously works on the improvement of the windows & therefore, all these installations are very important for a system as it helps in getting an updated version that brings more security & better functionality to your Windows PC or laptops.

Task Manager

Let’s explore how to enable or disable a windows module installer worker.

Why disable the windows module installer worker process?


Now you know what a windows module installer worker is all about. We hope it’s a yes! OK. So here now, let us help you know the next steps for the Windows module installer worker. It’s completely your choice whether you want to install a windows module installer worker on your system to get continuous system updates for smooth running performance. If you are a multi-tasker, then windows module installer workers may act as an enemy to you as it will slow down the windows performance & make it hard to perform several tasks simultaneously.

So, there are scenarios when it gets messed up because of device problems. You might have experienced a slowdown on your PC or laptop sometimes. For regular forced windows updates, you may get messages where high CPU usage percentage can be displayed by the task manager or by this program called windows module installer worker. Therefore, high loads on the CPU. You may get a little performance issue because of these technical issues. So, always take care of your device & make the best use of the windows module installer worker as it is programmed & scheduled for windows top performance for users like us.

But in the case, as discussed above, if you felt that this tool is creating more nuisance for your windows, then you got an option to remove it too. So, don’t worry! Just follow the simple steps mentioned here.

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How to disable the Windows Module Installer Worker?


Windows module installer worker

If the situation has turned out to be a bit irritable, then we recommend you to disable the windows module installer worker especially if you are a Windows 10 user. But doing it directly is not recommendable because if you do it you may have to update the windows manually. Here are the ways you can disable the windows module, installer worker. Follow these steps –

Temporary Solution –

Following is a temporary solution (If you are not booting your system then it will work with no issues.)

Step 1 – Press Ctrl plus Shift plus Esc.

Step 2-  Open Task Manager.

Step 3 – Search for Windows Module Installer or  (TiWorker.exe) process from the displayed list of processes.

Step 4 – Right-click the module & then click on the End Task option that pops out in a new menu.

Permanent Solution –

If you choose to disable WMIW permanently,  then you need to make some changes which can be done from the startup settings. Perform the following steps.

Step 1 –  Open Task Manager.

Step 2 –  Click the open services option (in the bottom section of services).

Step 3 –  In the list, search for Windows module installer workers. Right-click on it & open the properties section.

Step 4 –  Click OK on the startup type field.

How to enable the Windows modules installer worker?


If you have to restore your PC to the original version or if in case you’re doubtful about the activation process for Windows Module Installer, then step-by-step follow these steps –

Step 1 – Go to the Task Manager > Services

Step 2 – Click on Open Services Button.

Get Step 3 – Find Windows Modules Installer Worker in that list, then right-click on it and go to its Properties.

Step 4 – Now, select the Automatic option from the startup type field, and finally click on OK.

This was a simple general solution. There are a few more methods that are shared by users from Microsoft Community. They have reported all methods as a useful knowledge base. So, check out the Microsoft community if you need more detailed information on fixing windows module installer workers.

Windows Module Installer Worker| Use of SFC & DISM Tool

Some experts from the renowned Microsoft Community have reported that using both tools namely SFC as well as DISM for scanning and fixing of the corrupted Windows system files have helped a lot to resolve many other high resource-based usage issues; which were majorly caused by these processes CompatTelRunner.exe, TiWorker.exe, Svchost.exe, or WmiPrvSE.exe, etc.

So, if you are encountering annoying issues caused by WMI Worker you may try on these solutions. It may help you get rid of the problems caused by the WMIW system process.

These were some ways on how you may disable the windows module installer in your windows PC. We would strongly recommend that you should only disable this process if it is causing trouble for you. But if not, then do not disable this process. Why we are saying this has a reason behind it. The reason is that Windows module installer workers act as a security guard  & prevent your computer from getting harmed through dangerous viruses & malicious malware attacks. It just not keeps your data safe but safeguards the entire system.


So, in case, you have disabled the windows module installer worker, always check the windows module updates manually. It will highly help you in the system’s maintenance. Also, will keep your PC in excellent condition.

That’s all, folks! Let us know if you have questions about the windows module installer worker process. Leave your comments in the section below & expect a sooner response.