Windowed App: The Best Technical Tool to Use Instagram on a Computer

Windowed Summary, You must have encountered trouble when uploading pictures on Instagram using Windows PC or Macbook. The reason is Instagram provides the images uploading option using smartphones only. However, when you use the Instagram site on the PC, you will not find the photo uploading button.

Felix Sun Created Windowed

Felix Sun, a computer specialist and photog developed the Windowed App to tackle the issue of pictures upload.

Windowed is one of the best tech tools available online to log in to your Instagram to view posts and upload pictures. It is a user-friendly app that feigns as a little-bitty smartphone portal to use the Instagram website on PC.

Windowed Never Access Your Instagram ID Info

It indicates that Windowed does not require your Instagram ID and secret code details. You do not need to fret about your Instagram account login information.

Windowed Allows Picture Upload via Instagram Website

You can use this app to use the Instagram website for accessing your account instantly on the computer.

Hit on the Camera symbol to post pictures after opening your Instagram ID with Windowed.

Windowed: A Free App to Use Instagram on PC & Mac

Windowed is a cost-free app. Its app size is approx 32 MB.

Download Windowed via Its Official Website

You may download Windowed using the Windowed official site link:

Note: If the above link does not open and shows the Application Error message, you may use another link:

Windowed: The Best App to Access Instagram on PC

The Windowed App is one of the leading apps that supports Instagram access on the computer. This app does not contain any constraints. It allows you to use all the options available in the Instagram app on your PC or Mac.

Check Out the Reasons to Download the Windowed App

You will find several merits of using Instagram on your Windows desktop or MacBook. On a system, typing gets easier when you have the keyboard gadget before you.

Now, examine below some other reasons that necessitate the downloading of the Windowed software:

Directly Upload Pictures from Your Computer

With the usage of Windowed, there is no need to install other third-party applications for using Instagram. Windowed provides you the facility to instantly post images or pictures using your computer.

Instagram Navigation Gets Easier with MouseClicks & Keyboard

Going through your Instagram account with the support of mouse clicks is intuitive. It does not point out that Instagram navigation on the phone with thumb-scrolling or twice-tapping on pictures is problematic. Usually, scrolling your Instagram feed gets simple with the help of a keyboard and clicks.

Organize & Control 5 Different Instagram Accounts

The Instagram app allows you to use different accounts simultaneously. Likewise, with the help of Windowed, you get the option to use five distinct Instagram accounts. To do this, visit your Instagram profile and tap on your username given at the top. There you will get the choice of Add Account.

No Paid Services or Extra Fees

As we have stated earlier, Windowed is free of charge app. You may download this app on Windows PC or MacOS. There are no paid editions of this app. Also, no extra fees exist to use this free application. Thus, download Windowed using its official site link mentioned above.

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The Bottom Line

The above reasons justify the user-friendliness of the Windowed App to access Instagram directly on the desktop. We hope you have understood the grounds that make Windowed the best app in operation. Consequently, download and try out Windowed to directly upload pictures to Instagram using the PC.