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Wickr App the Messenger is Going to Achieve A New Height 

wickr app

wickr app

Today, we will talk about an instant messaging (IM) application called the Wickr App. Before that, let’s understand what instant messaging apps are. Any application that facilitates instantaneous virtual interchange between two or more persons is an instant messaging app.

Some leading IM applications like the Wickr App support immediate sending and receiving of videos, audio, text, images, and files. Wickr app is the best solution that enables secure conversations. 

Read the article carefully to get more information on Wickr. We have discussed Wicker’s acquisition by Amazon, its business features, security features, and work mechanism as a private messenger.

wickr app

What is Wickr App?

Wickr Inc., a Silicon Valley-based Software Corporation, created the Wickr App in 2012. The main purpose of the app was to guard the business enterprises against e-crimes.

Wickr was mainly created for the administration authorities, armed services, companies, and persons. Robert Statica, Christopher Howell, Kara Coppa, Nico Sell, and York Sell are the founders of the Wickr App. This application is designed according to the needs of the clients. 

The app works on different Operating Systems (OS) like Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux. The ‘Bug Bounty Program’ of Wickr intends to give awards to geniuses for searching out weaknesses in the application.

The app permits users to send and receive back-to-back secret and expiration messages, pictures, video clips, and documents. Wickr contains various applications such as Wickr RAM, Wickr Pro, Wickr Me, and Wickr Enterprise. 

The Wickr app was primarily created for military establishments. Indeed, the app is considered safe and sound in the most disturbing conditions. Wickr Enterprise was designed bearing in mind the corporations having extensive manpower. 

The Wickr app is secured using high-level cryptology along with a key authentication method. Its servers are designed based on zero-trust security guidelines. Hence, it will not disclose any conversations. 

Wickr appears equivalent to other IM apps like Telegram or FB Messenger. It allows the exchange of encrypted chats including audio, video, files, and photos. Thus, it assures that no third force is able to retrieve the information as shared between the sender and recipient. 

Encryption is a technique of changing a message in a secret language to protect the real message. This method is used for creating apps to safeguard confidential data. 

The Wickr app includes plenty of safety options such as coded devices, MFA (multi-factor authentication), prevention of account theft, etc. 

After Acquiring the Wickr App by Amazon Web Services, Will it be More Popular?

Amazon declared publicly that it brought the Wickr App on June 25, 2021, without revealing the financial conditions. Wickr will be included in Amazon’s AWS (Amazon Web Services) unit that provides on-demand computing and additional solutions. 

AWS will provide Wickr services for its business associates and customers instantly and without any changes. The Vice President of AWS- Stephen Schmidt stated that this sort of safe messaging is mounting. 

He further stated that due to Covid-19, there is the growth of flexible or hybrid workplaces which consist of in-company and distant employees. Consequently, different establishments and government offices need to shield their information from exchanges in distant places. 

The Wickr App offers pioneering security options that are not present in conventional messaging apps. As a result, both business clients and consumers will get benefits via Wickr while sharing files, messaging, video calling, voice calling, and teamwork. 

Wickr offers a capacity to the security-cognizant corporations and administration to perform operations and safety checks to fulfill their obligations. Besides, the Wickr App is used for different purposes like interacting with the onsite workforce privately. 

This act of Amazon hints that it is endeavoring a big step in the messaging domain. Also, it is considered as the much-anticipated action of Amazon. 

Presently, AWS uses Chime messaging service to make virtual business calls, chats, and meet-ups. But very less is known about this messaging product. Moreover, it has not made any effect on AWS’s competitors – Slack or Microsoft. Chime does not offer an encryption technique like Wickr.

wickr app

Is Wickr a Safe App?

Wickr App utilizes the modern cryptology program. It provides for the imparting and acquiring of encrypted messages. It is a safe app as it is 256-bit verified. All the chats and conversations are kept concealed while conveying them to the receivers. Also, there are no decryption keys in Wickr.

Can Police See Wickr Messages?

Wickr policy states that a genuine summons from the law enforcement agencies is needed to retrieve the information contained in the messages. Additionally, Wickr App provides details of the users to an agency if litigation or a life-threatening situation arises. 

Some People Believe that the Wickr App is Private Messenger

Yes, Wickr App is a private messaging product that enables individuals in exchanging encrypted messages, audio files, video clippings, voice messages, images, and documents. Wickr’s Wickr Me app allows secure messaging between two people or in groups (maximum 10 people). It does not read the messages and contacts of the users. 

Wickr Me app is a private messenger that does not require an email address and phone number to sign-up. Its servers do not collect the user’s address details. Plus, it does not save metadata of the messages. 

Is Wickr Illegal?

No, Wickr is not an illegal application. It is one of the safest IM apps that permit an exchange of messages, photos, videos, audio privately. It only discloses the information of its users if the police issue a summons. 

Wickr Business Features

Let’s examine the main features of the Wickr business app:

  1. Reliability

Wickr Business or Wickr Enterprise is an easy-to-use app with the latest security options. All the interactions like video conferencing, messaging, calling, and file distribution are highly secured on the Wickr App. Moreover, it is a self-hosted app that combines more stability with an enterprise.

  1. Conformity

The Wickr Business app does not store official conversations. Still, few details need to be kept for review. Thus, Wickr App permits companies to unlock information from the secured data store if needed. 

  1. Control

The Wickr App offers comprehensive controls to business corporations. It allows the enterprises to control the storing of data, provisionally or constantly permitting remote persons to converse in the network, and checking their authorizations. 


We can conclude that Wickr App will become popular as it is now a part of AWS. Further, it is a highly secure messaging product for big organizations. So, download it to keep your establishment free of cyberattacks. 

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