Why Do people hate android?

Android is undoubtedly the most popular operating system because of its variety, flexibility, and ease of use. However, there are certain departments where it seems to lag behind its arch-rival iOS. Here’re 10 reasons why I hate Android despite being a fanboy. The Android OS has come a long way in years but there are things that still need to be paid attention to perfect it.

Android has come a long way since its inception. From a very immature operating system released as Android Gingerbread (2.2.3) to Android 12. Android 12 is the latest publicly available Android OS. I have been using Android since 2011 and I have personally seen it grow to the exceptional operating system it has become today.

Unfortunately, when I think about it, there are quite a few things which I Hate about Android!  Today, I thought of making it public to see if the thoughts which I have are among every Android user or I’m being too harsh on it.

Top 7 Reasons why do people hate Android

Why Do people hate android?
Why Do people hate android?
  1. Apple’s branding strategy

Many customers have compared the Iphone’s branding strategy to Android phones. People started to hate Android because they compared it to apple.

  1. Poor hardware/software integrations

As I said in the first point, there are many OEMs that make their own versions of Android and their own hardware.

The poor hardware and software integrations are one of the worst things about Android. There have been many instances where Android phones don’t function properly due to hardware or software problems. Recently, my phone’s fingerprint sensor stopped working randomly. This is a common problem on many phones and there is no fix. Either root your phone to install a custom firmware or just live with it.

The Poco F1 is an example of this OS. It’s based on MIUI, which is Android. The Samsung S9 is built on TouchWiz, which is also based upon Android. Software and hardware are not under the control of Google or the Manufacturer, unlike Apple. This creates a different dependency that prevents you from getting a complete package of Android. Android would be hated if it came with a heavy-skinned OS such as Color OS, Funtouch OS or others.

  1. Late/Slow/No Updates

Android is an open-source project that allows companies to develop their own version. Many third-party companies use Android’s base to create an operating system that they believe will provide the best user experience for their customers. MIUI by Xaiomi and Touch wiz are some of the most popular Android skins. These companies must update their OS every few updates to make sure it matches their skin. This can cause a lot of problems for the company and delay the release of the Android Version.

Many flagship smartphones by Samsung and OnePlus get updates to the latest version of Android every 6/7 months. The newer version of Android takes over a year for mid-range smartphones. Many smartphones don’t see new updates for over a year. This is a huge mistake compared to the over 4 years of Apple updates. I am blessed to have the most current smartphone. Android would be a horrible OS if it were.

Why Do people hate android?
Why Do people hate android?
  1. Lack of Quality Apps

Developers have great opportunities to reach large audiences by hosting applications on PlayStore or AppStore, with over 99% of Android and iOS smartphones. Although the PlayStore offers a large selection of apps, the quality of the apps on both platforms is very different.

This is due to the strict quality control that every app must pass on AppStore. PlayStore allows you to upload your app within 24 hours, as they don’t have to go through the same rigorous quality control. There are some very powerful apps, such as Garageband and iMovie, that Apple has created for the iPhone. They are not available on Android.

  1. Bad keyboard

Many Android phones have annoying keyboards. Many users are annoyed by the auto-complete feature, which allows them to turn their Android phones off.

  1. User experience

Over 9 years of Android use has made me realize how difficult it is to stay with Android due to its user interface. Android offers so many options that it can be overwhelming. Switching between android devices is an arduous task. When you switch between Android skins, you’d see a new OS. Also, I noticed that Android devices stop functioning properly after two years due to insufficient updates.

Smartphone manufacturers such as OnePlus and Asus are making this a reality. Mi, etc. Oneplus has an excellent track record of providing updates for more than 3 years. This includes the increased adaptation of Android One Program. Apple’s user interface is clean and minimalistic, which makes it more appealing than Android OS. You can improve the UI on your Android device in many ways. Swift Installer can help you make your Android device look stunning.

Why Do people hate android?
Why Do people hate android?
  1. Privacy

Android has many privacy problems. Android collects a lot of data about users and their activities. These data are then sent to Google for targeted advertising and other purposes. Android devices are also vulnerable to malicious software due to their weak security measures. Some Android apps ask for permission to access sensitive data such as contact information and text messages. This could allow hackers to spy on users.

Some Android users have encountered critical bugs . Android allows users to sideload and install applications outside of the PlayStore. Hackers can modify paid apps and make them available via another website to allow users to access their smartphones and other data.

What is a Sprint Id App?

You might think I don’t install apps other than those available on PlayStore, so I’m secure. You’re wrong. There have been numerous reports that Google has removed apps from PlayStore. There could be viruses disguised as Apps on PlayStore. Although it is rare, your privacy is protected by the Guillotine. It’s impossible to predict when it will break down and how it will affect you.

These are some steps to protect your privacy on Android. You should first disable all unnecessary permissions for Android apps. Install a reliable antivirus app and run regular scans. A secure lock screen pattern, or PIN code, is a third option. Fourth, be cautious about sharing information with websites and apps. These simple steps will help you keep your data secure and private.