Why can’t I Comment on Facebook Know More

Facebook is simply a pool of stories, videos, photos, and posts that allows its users to comment their views on any posts, stories, or posts. But many Facebook users often search “Why can’t I comment on Facebook”? Well, if you are also the one who is facing this issue then don’t worry. It is a very common error with Facebook users. And today we will be discussing this issue in detail with the measures to even fix the error too.

Comment On Facebook
Comment On Facebook

Reasons behind “Why can’t I comment on Facebook?”                                                              

Facebook is one of the most prestigious social networks where we associate with our near or dear ones all around the globe. Facebook also comes with a lot of privacy options accessible for all users. With this, you can handle who can see your profile, even select the people who can see your posts, and also enable or disable the commenting option from your feeds.

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There can be various explanations for this issue. A straightforward one is that a specific user isn’t on your friend’s list which is the reason you can’t be able to comment on their photos. Some other very common factors which may cause you to not comment on Facebook are as follows:

  •    Slow network connectivity
  •    Browser extensions 
  •    An error or issue with the Facebook server’s
  •    User’s settings 
  •    Mobile or gadget issue 
  •     May got blocked by the Facebook or we can say you got into the Facebook jail

Sometimes you may think, “ Why Can I Post but not Comment on Facebook? 

Well, Users are always able to add comments to their posts because there isn’t a choice to disable the comments for the user’s account. But in case that you can’t comment on your post or content then it must imply that Facebook might have blocked your account.

Facebook will in some cases block you from interfacing with your posts due to your conduct on Facebook. There is no standard measure of time that the block which is also termed in the Facebook language as Facebook jail will endure. It differs relying upon what is happening.

Why am I temporarily blocked from commenting in groups on Facebook?

 The main reason behind getting blocked from Facebook is that you must have violated the privacy policy of the app. In some cases, Facebook can also put you in the Facebook jail which is the term used for a blocked account due to the reasons like:

Continued Commenting

 Facebook might have additionally obstructed you from commenting over and over under a similar post. Assuming you feel free to enter a similar comment on numerous occasions then Facebook users might report it as spam, in this manner permitting Facebook to obstruct you at whatever point you spam. On the off chance that you are accounted for by a ton of users for the spam content, Facebook will put you in Facebook jail.

Use of Abusive/Hate Comments

Using abusive language is also an anti-social thing which is also followed by Facebook. Therefore any abusive language used by any user on Facebook is also punishable and allows Facebook to block that user.

How do I change Comment settings on Facebook?

 Follow the steps to change the comment setting for your public posts:

 1. Click the scroll-down bar available on the top right side of your Facebook page.

2. Select and click on the Settings & privacy

3. Then open and click on the Settings.

4. Click on the Public posts available on the left side.

5. Go to the option of “ Who Can Follow Me

6. Ensure that you select the Public.

7. Click on the Edit option available next to the Public post comments option.

8. Select the people who are allowed to comment on that public posts: Public, Friends, and Friends of friends.

How to fix the issues of why can’t I comment on Facebook?

Doesn’t make any difference why can’t comment on Facebook or whatever the explanation is, you can evaluate a few things that I have referenced beneath. These are little fixes that you can consider when the error persists.

  1. Contact the Facebook

If it’s because your account is blocked by Facebook then what you need to do is to speak to Facebook to unblock the account. Just simply contact Facebook support via email.

  1. Log out

If the issue is in the application then, at that point, basically log out of the application for quite a while. Logging out of Facebook for some time may likewise fix your issue assuming it’s a technical error.

  1. Clear Cookies & Cache

You can likewise clean cache and cookies from the Facebook app or the browser. It will help in resetting the error. Follow the steps below for clearing the cookies and cache for the mobile phone:

  • Open the phone settings,
  • then go to the Apps section,
  • Click on the Facebook app,
  • then open the storage and cache and
  • Then click on the clear option.

To clear it from the Desktop –

  • Open the Desktop browser and go to the System Settings
  • Search for the cookies and Cache
  • Clear all the Browsing Data
  • Click on the “Clear” option

 4. Update App

In the case that you are not utilizing the latest adaptation of the Facebook application then likewise you might confront issues while utilizing Facebook. Along these lines, you want to go to the Play Store or App Store to take a look at whether or not Facebook is the updated one. Assuming not, update it first and sign in again to the Facebook account.

  1. Uninstall and Reinstall

Assuming nothing works then you can likewise have a go for uninstalling and reinstalling the Facebook application. Doing likewise now and again fixes any bug that is causing the issue. In this way, reinstalling the Facebook application may settle the issue.


We have discussed the possible reasons for answering the query on why can’t I comment on Facebook”? Then we have also discussed the possible fixes for resolving the error. Thus, follow the guide above to resolve the issue.