What Is Smart Byte? Do I Disable or Enable it?

Many of you must have a question in mind “What Is Smart Byte?” It is one of the default applications of the Dell system used by most users.

 Smart Byte is a default application that comes preinstalled in the Dell systems. This application is intended to allow you to achieve the best or maximum internet strength when you stream online videos and movies etc.


As we just discussed above, this application is found enabled in the systems by default and also works with the Realtek and Intel remote chips, its function is to provide buffer-free streaming to its users. More or less, Smart Byte is said to be the resolution for distinguishing, dissecting, and focusing on basic video traffic, with the goal that you have consistent video streaming and a smooth video or movie experience.

 Features of Smart Byte and its functions

To transfer video, then, at that point, you want to know “What Is Smart Byte?” and how it takes care of the most accessible internet strength. It permits its users to partake in the video additional time with low or no buffering. It recognizes and focuses on basic video traffic. Smart Byte ensures a better video experience by reducing or lowering down the low or slow networks.


  • Smart Byte is an app that automatically helps in detecting the network bandwidth.
  • It concludes how much bandwidth your system may require.
  • It focuses on your video so it can use the less urgent network of your framework.
  • At long last, it automatically recognizes interactive videos and real-time recordings.

  What does it mean by Smart Byte and “Do I disable or enable it?

 Well, the answer for this solely depends on the user’s overall experience with this application. Most of the users experience that the use of smart byte app slows down their system performance which usually hampers their performance as well. It is because working on a slow system is quite irritating for the users.

 How can we fix these problems? Well, the appropriate resolution is to disable the app which will help in enhancing the system performance. Few users even have reported that the app and its drivers cause a potential malware threat to their systems. And such viruses or malware impacts the system’s productivity by slowing it down.

And as we know the Smart byte is a default application that is enabled in the system and runs continuously in the system background and utilizes most of the disk space and CPU resources. It impacts the productivity of the system by users facing system crashes and regular freezing problems.

So the answer to our question of should be disabled or enabled, is that we should disable this application.

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 How to disable Smart Byte Application?

 Now we will be discussing the ways which will help the users to disable the Smart byte functions so as to enhance their productivity for the system. We will be discussing a few measures steps by step which will help you to disable the app in your system. You can choose any of the measures to disable this function.

 METHOD 1- Disable it utilizing the Task Manager

For the window 10 users, follow the steps listed below to disable the smart byte app utilizing the task manager:

  • Open the task manager 
  • Open the task manager window and look down to locate the smart byte services and drivers.
  • Click the right cursor on the same and open the location file.
  • Click to open the file and return to the task manager window option.
  • Choose the Right-click option for the Smart Byte and click on the end task option.
  • Now you can remove the Smart Byte folder
  • It’s done and you have successfully disabled the smart byte app.

  METHOD 2- Disable the smart byte function utilizing the Control Panel

 Follow the steps below to disable the Smart Byte application with the control panel:

  • Open the control panel from the search menu.
  • Click on the programs and features from the list of the control panel window.
  • Look for the Smart Byte application from the drop-down list 
  • Click on the smart byte application with the right-click option and click on the uninstall option.

Well done, now you successfully disable or remove the application from your system. If you find any other service and drives of smart byte remove the same by following the same procedure.



 Either disable the application or update its drivers

 Well, there is one more option available for the users other than disabling the application. As you can update its drivers regularly which will help in resolving the system productivity issue? Here we will discuss two measures for you to follow so that you can update the drivers easily.

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METHOD 1- Go to the official dell Smart byte website 

 Open the official link https://www.dell.com/support/home/en-in/drivers/driversdetails?driverid=crw5f to download and update the latest updates available for the Smart Byte services.

  • Save the updates in the system 
  • Uninstall the earlier version of the smart byte app.
  • Shut down your system and restart again by downloading the latest driver updates.

 METHOD 2- Utilize the driver updating tool 

 Simply install the Smart Driver Care tool.

  • Open and click on the scan now button.
  • You will get a list of drivers who need the updating and urgent attention
  • Click on the update all option now. 
  • Benefits of removing the Smart byte

 Follow the above steps to either remove or update measures to disable the smart byte function from your system. 

  • System productivity issues will be resolved 
  • Enjoy the better buffer-free streaming experience
  • You may experience a faster connectivity speed.
  • Most of the FTP client’s issues will be resolved.
  •  Firewall issues will be fixed too.


Smart Byte seems like an ideal freeware that is a default function available with the Dell systems; however, it has different bugs or issues that force the users to eliminate it from the PCs. Therefore, follow the above-mentioned steps to remove the Smart byte application from your systems.