What is Bango Marketplace and How Does it Help Apps to Grow their Revenue

The most popular mobile payment technology is the Bango Marketplace. It is an M-commerce firm that links online applications and businesses with more than three billion users internationally.

Let us understand the concept of M-commerce? M-commerce stands for mobile commerce. So, what is Bango? It is a mobile commerce corporation that enables the selling and purchasing of merchandise and services online.

Bango Uses Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) Method

Smart devices such as mobile phones and tablets have made access to online shopping platforms simple and easy.

Bango utilizes an online payment technique: Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) that facilitates the users to buy products and services online. But the costs of the purchased goods and services are added to their mobile phone invoice.

The DCB option is present in all smartphones and button-enabled feature phones. The main thing required to verify costs is the phone with a valid SIM (Subscriber Identification Module) card.

Thus, Bango is an excellent mobile payment industry that permits the mobile applications developers and app stores to make more dealings for its patrons.

The app store users have the choice to choose and purchase apps. Also, they can make in-app purchases such as buying subscriptions, game expansion packs, and more.

App Developers Target Already Paying Users with the Help of Bango

Bango Marketplace is the best way for the application developers to concentrate their selling on the users who are already spending on online services. Bango Company is in the LSE (London Stock Exchange).

Popular business organizations such as the Microsoft, Google, Amazon make use of the Bango Payment System. The reason is that it bestows the latest modes of payments. Bango app is responsive and stable.  

Essential Information Concerning Bango Marketplace

Business Type: Public

Launched: October 14, 1999

Headquarters: Cambridge, United Kingdom

Service Provided: Worldwide

Founders: Ray W. Anderson, Anil Malhotra

Chairman: David Sear

CEO: Ray Anderson

Industry: Mobile Payments Company

Bango URL: https://bango.com/

Business-Related: Yes

Present Status: Operational

App Stores Associates of Bango

So far, you have learned the information regarding what is Bango? So, ascertain the following few app stores associates of Bango:

  • Google for Google Play
  • Amazon for Amazon Appstore
  • Samsung for Galaxy Apps
  • BlackBerry for BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) and BlackBerry World
  • Mozilla for Firefox Marketplace
  • Microsoft for Windows Phone Store and Windows 10

Bango Supports Apps to Enhance their Incomes

Amazon Allows Carrier Billing Through Bango

Amazon has enabled a carrier billing facility through Bango. It signifies that when users purchase premium apps through the Appstore of Amazon, the charges will be added to their mobile bills automatically.

Mozilla Enables Operator Billing

Mozilla signed an agreement with the Bango Marketplace to facilitate carrier billing on the Firefox OS app. The users are allowed to acquire paid applications and in-app content by including the cost in their phone bills.  

First Deal between Bango & Microsoft

Microsoft signed its first agreement with Bango in Indonesia. Consequently, it has permitted its users to make app acquisition with the inclusion of app cost in their mobile invoice.

Facebook Earning Proceeds with Mobile Business

Facebook has joined hands with Bango Mobile Payments Company to increase its profits. It is permitting mobile payments in France for multiple services like digital rewards, premium games, etc. It means that the charges of the paid services get measured on the phone bill receipt.

What are the Benefits of Allowing Carrier Billing through Bango Marketplace?

The apps stores having a deal with what is Bango provide the following benefits:


The app store partners mentioned above have made it easy for their users to purchase premium goods and services with the carrier billing facility of Bango. They do not need to enter any information of payment when buying a product. Subsequently, their phone bill works for them as a borrowing limit.


Purchase of paid applications, add-on games, or any service through credit cards is vulnerable. But with Bango, the app stores get higher certainty. Here, the users do not have to be apprehensive while buying any services. 

Earlier, there were many incidences of data violation when credit cards were in usage. The private information of the user was hacked by cybercrooks easily. 

The relationship between Bango and app stores is safe and sound. There is no breach of users’ data through carrier billing alternative.

Helpful for Unbanked Users

The mobile payments channel-Bango is beneficial for those users who do not hold bank accounts or credit cards. 

High Conversion Rates

Bango asserts that app stores with carrier billing options receive a higher percentage of visitors. Ultimately, the visitors purchased paid goods or services with the prices attached to their mobile bills.

Moreover, where the credit card system is more in use, the conversions are above 300 to 400 percent for carrier billing services. But in markets, where credit card usage is low, the carrier billing purchases are around 1,000 percent. 

Bottom Line

Bango is a reliable mobile payment technique that provides app stores to accomplish their high conversion rate goals. The users do not need a credit card for acquiring any subscriptions. The app stores gain more paying users. Hence, they get the possibility to enhance their revenues successfully with the Bango marketplace.