What Does the Snapchat X Symbol Mean Next to a Name

When you attempt to send the cute guy you’ve been chatting with a Snap, an X has been placed next to his name. What’s going on when you two were just talking last night? Snapchat introduced the X icon as a tool to let users know who had unfriended them or who was no longer on their list of friends. Continue reading to learn more about the X icon, including how to remove it and reasons why someone might unfriend you.


Things to Be Aware Of

  1. On Snapchat, an X icon indicates that someone has unfriended you or that you haven’t yet accepted their friend request.
  2. Unless you’ve accepted their friend request or they’ve added you back, your messages and Snaps won’t be delivered.
  3. You can either add them as a friend or block their account to get rid of the X icon.

What does the X on Snapchat represent?

The X on Snapchat indicates that a user is not on your list of pals.

If you used to be friends with this person on Snapchat, it is likely that they unfriended you. The X, however, indicates that they have given you a request that you haven’t yet accepted if you have never had this person on your friends list. [1]

Remember that an X icon only indicates that someone has unfriended you and not blocked you. Try searching for someone’s name in the app to see whether they have blocked you. They won’t appear if they have blocked you.

Can you message someone whose name has an X next to it?

A message with an X icon can be sent, but it will be marked as “Pending.”

You cannot read someone’s message if they are no longer on your friends list until they add you again. Under their name, you’ll get a grey “Pending” indicator whenever you try to send them a message or a Snapchat. But, if they add you back, your messages will be delivered.

How to Remove the X Icon

Friend them on Snapchat by adding them.

The person’s name with the X icon should be clicked. You can choose whether to accept or reject a friend request from someone on Snapchat if they have done so. By clicking +Add next to their username, you can add them again if they unadded you first. [3]

The X icon will vanish if you accept their friend request (or they accept yours).

Delete the user’s Snapchat account.

Click the X icon to remove this person from your friends list if you don’t know them. From there, you may either report their account or block them on Snapchat. [4]

Why would I lose a Snapchat friend?

They were afraid of offending your sensibilities.

They might not have been fully engaged in the talk, but they were unable to express it to you. Or perhaps they weren’t attracted to you romantically but didn’t want to upset you. Because it’s simpler than having a difficult conversation that can leave you feeling wounded or furious, people frequently ghost others. [5]

When someone ghosts you, remind them of your awesomeness before moving on. That speaks more about them than it does about you when someone unfriends you without even approaching you about it.

They fear becoming committed.

They might have liked you in reality, but that scared them. They might have unfriended you if you and they had been flirting or talking romantically for a long because they weren’t ready for a relationship and didn’t know how to tell you.

They are in a committed relationship.

It’s possible that someone was discovered by their romantic partner if an X icon appears abruptly next to their name. Sometimes people will lie about being single online, but most people consider that to be cheating. To prevent a fight with their partner or because they were caught, they might have unfriended you.