Money Heist: Korea’: What’s to know about Netflix’s new crossover

Spanish TV, “Cash Heist”, also known as “La Casa de Papel”, thrived on Netflix. The platform soon capitalized on the hype by releasing “Cash Heist, the Phenomenon,” a documentary that features the cast and crew discussing the trip.

“Cash Heist Korea” is more crossover than spinoff. The story follows a prison mastermind who recruits a group of thieves to help him pull off an ambitious heist at Spain’s

Followers of “Cash Heist: Korea” will know that Professor’s recruits use global metropolis names to hide their identities during their imprisonment exploits.

The basic episode’s set-up is the same: The thieves seize the Mint, while high school students and the daughter of a high-profile judge tour the building.

“Cash Heist: Korea”, also known as “Joint Financial Space”, is a subtitle of “Cashheist: Korea”.