Eproc Tatasteel | Check Detailed Info Online Latest Updates| 2022

Tata Steel Limited & Eproc Tatasteel: A Short Introduction

In the financial year 2020, Tata steel achieved a profit of US$19.7 billion. It stands in the second position after SAIL (Steel Authority of India Ltd) in India as it can produce 13 million tonnes of steel nationally.

The Company provides the Eproc Tatasteel option for the suppliers. Eproc means e-procurement, a method to solicit, book, and buy products or services through digital mediums like websites or super applications

The e-procurement strategy is different from cyberbusiness as it is a walled setup for the suppliers

The Eproc Tatasteel facility functions via web-enabled apps or digital platforms to interact with cataloged suppliers or vendors. Generally, it is the procurement unit of Tata Steel that lays down guidelines for the e-procurement of iron ore.