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Uolo EdTech Private Limited is an ultra-modern platform that facilitates interaction among students, parents, and educators. More than 3000 K-12 schools in India utilize Uolo to support online learning. Lecturers use it to convey learning resources digitally to the scholars and their parents. In this post, we have explained the steps to use the UOLO Login Page

An Overview of UOLO Learn

Uolo Learn is the most prominent online education platform accessible cost-free. Many schools, educators, and parents use it to assist the students in online learning. The app received acclaim during the current Covid-19 pandemic crisis.

Here, the teachers share information about the learners’ progression with their parents or guardians. Additionally, parents get the details about the child’s progress and school activities. Lecturers employ the Uolo Learn platform to preoccupy scholars and their guardians in learning activities. They transmit quick and constant alerts to the parents about the behavior and learning status of the kids.

UOLO Login Page
UOLO Login Page

Uolo is a custom-made IM (Instant Messaging) application that promotes healthy interaction between educators and parents. The guardians receive quick notifications regarding attendance, classwork, homework, feasts, and fees. Even they can trace school buses in real-time.

The schools, teachers, and parents may access the UOLO Login Page via the Uolo official website. Alternatively, they may visit the Play Store or Appstore to get Uolo Learn (Uolo Notes) app.

Count the Main features of Uolo Learn via the UOLO Login Page

The Uolo education platform is an additional benefit for the schools, instructors, and parents during Covid-19. So, examine the main features of the Uolo app illustrated below:

Share Homework Sheets

The teachers can share assignment sheets with the parents illustrated as pictures, text, or videos. 

Provide Ward Learning Success

UOLO Login Page
UOLO Login Page

The UOLO Login Page helps the teachers to inform parents about their child’s performance in studies and extracurricular activities. 

Support SMS

Every parent may not own a smartphone. Many of them use a feature phone. Thus, Uolo works well both on a smart and feature mobile phone. It means teachers can share student reports as a text message or SMS. If parents cannot download or access Uolo, they can still get details of their kids.

Unidirectional Platform

The Uolo app is a one-way platform where teachers can post routine details of students. However, parents can access the Uolo Login Page to get their ward information but cannot post a reply. 

Phone Number Privacy

Uolo maintains the secrecy of the contact numbers of the teachers. It never reveals the contact info of the instructors.

Nurture – A Collaborative Component

The Uolo app employs a cooperative unit called Nurture. Thus, using this technique, parents can easily monitor the day-to-day activities of their wards in school. The technology provides quick alerts about student participation in class, grades, projects, meal fees, and more. 

A Route for Excellent Communications

Earlier, parents have to visit the school to get updates about learning or other class activities. But with the arrival of the Uolo online learning platform, things changed drastically. Partnering with Uolo is a great way to maintain coordinated relations among schools, teachers, and parents. 

UOLO Login Page
UOLO Login Page

Check Important Events of School

After logging into the Uolo app, parents can scan the significant events planned and taking place on the school premises. In this way, they can get an idea about the involvement of their ward in the school activities. 

Connect Schools with Parents & Students

The Uolo app enables schools to get linked with the scholars and their guardians. Hence, parents may use the UOLO Login Page to inspect the learning content and class notes audio files. Ultimately, they can support the child in learning lessons.

Online School Management 

Uolo includes all essential tools that back school management online. Accordingly, the schools access it to enter scores, home assignments, attendance and organize fees. 

Intuitive Software

Uolo is an easy-to-use software where schools can combine multiple modules according to their needs. The app contains a user-friendly interface that is much better than the complicated ERP software. 

Support All Indian Languages

The Uolo app is available in almost every Indian language. The students can use phones to practice and learn English lessons assigned by the instructors. 

Upcoming Features

Uolo is working on the options like Reminders and File Attachments. These two features will get soon added to the Uolo app to support parents and educators. 

Check Out the Details of the Uolo App

App Name: Uolo Learn (Uolo Notes)

Category: Education

Launched on: 11 April 2015

Delivered via: Uolo Technology

Revised on: 23 February 2022

Android Requirements: 5.0 and Higher

App Size: 50.85 MB

App Version:

Number of Downloads: 1 Million+

Available on: Playstore & Appstore

Official Uolo Website:

Steps to Access Your Uolo Account via the UOLO Login Page (on PC)

Seek the instructions given below to log into your Uolo account:

  1. Firstly, open the latest browser like Chrome.
  2. After this, enter
  3. Now, tap on the Login option given at the top of the website. Otherwise, directly visit
  4. Next, type in your login details. Enter your mobile number or email address. And provide your password.
  5. Finally, tap on the Login button to view Uolo Notes.

Note: Make sure to place a tick on the Remember Me and Uolo terms and Conditions options before signing in. 

Steps to Access the UOLO Login Page (on Phone)

Track the given process to access your Uolo account on your phone:

  1. Firstly, visit Google Play or Appstore to download the Uolo Learn app. Else, visit to get the app links to download. 
  2. After the app installation finishes, open it.
  3. Now, provide your username (Email ID/Mobile Number) and password.
  4. Finally, press the Login button to view your kid’s progress or check info like scores, attendance, homework, etc.

Steps to Access Uolo Account Using OTP

You may also access the UOLO Login Page via OTP. To do so, chase the below method:

  1. Firstly, open Chrome and enter
  2. After that, tap on the Login with OTP option below the Password box.
  3. Now, provide your mobile number.
  4. Put a tick on the Uolo Terms and Conditions checkbox.
  5. Click on the Get OTP button.
  6. Once you receive the OTP on your phone, provide it.
  7. Hit the Verify It option.
  8. Finally, access your Uolo account after the number verification ends.

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Forgot Password? – Steps to Reset Uolo Account Password 

  1. The first step is to arrive at
  2. Next, tap I Forgot My Password. 
  3. Provide your username and complete captcha verification.
  4. Now, tap on Get OTP. 
  5. Finally, after you get the OTP, supply it to reset your password. 

Conclusion on UOLO Login Page

Uolo is a decent e-learning technology that every school should embrace. Similarly, teachers can teach and allocate tasks to their pupils via the Uolo platform. And parents can quickly review the regular performance of their child in the class. I likewise trust you preferred the article and assembled data subsequent to understanding it. Leave your remarks or inquiries down the article. Thank You for visiting our website