How to Unhide Songs in Spotify on iPhone and Android, Know Step By Step Guide| 2022

Spotify users deliberately or unintentionally hide a song. Accordingly, they search for ways to unhide a song on spotify. Here we have provided methods to unhide or hide Spotify tracks on different devices like Android, iOS, and PC.

unhide a song on spotify

Spotify: The Most Prominent Music & Podcast Streaming App WorldWide

Spotify is a popular audio-airing app. Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon founded it on 23 April 2006. Officially, the app arrived on 7 October 2008. The main office of Spotify is in Stockholm (Sweden) and New York (United States).

Main Highlights

Spotify app contains the following features:

Tracks Search in Various Categories

Spotify enables the users to browse or find songs in several categories such as Popular Artists, Pop, Concerts, Charts, Folk & Acoustic, Hip-Hop, New Releases, At Home, Devotional, Party, Instrumental, Chill, Mood, Workout, Sleep, Anime, Kids & Family, Caribbean, Classical, Latin, and more.

Create & Share Playlists

Users can make a playlist of their favorite tracks, modify them, or share it with others on different social media channels.

Millions of Songs Accessible

Spotify app includes almost 70 million tracks, 4 billion setlists, and 2.2 million Podcast episodes.

Songs Hide or Unhide Option

Spotify provides the Hide This Song option to conceal tracks users do not want to hear. Similarly, if they wish to unhide a song on spotify, they can retrieve them.

How to Unhide a Song on Spotify?

Unhiding songs on Spotify is possible by enabling the Show Unplayable Tracks option. Here, we have discussed easy steps to unhide a song on spotify over iOS, Android devices, and PC. Go through the steps presented below:

On Android:

  1. Firstly, open the Spotify app.
  2. After that, tap on the Home button provided at the bottom.

  1. Next, hit on the Settings symbol given at the top.
  2. Scroll down a bit to get the Playback section.
  3. Under Playback —> Show Unplayable Songs.

4. Tap the toggle switch to turn on the Show Unplayable Songs option.

5. Finally, arrive at your playlist. Click on the Hide (-) button to unhide a song on spotify.

On iOS:

  1. At first, open Spotify and press the Home option.
  2. Next, proceed to Spotify’s Setting option.
  3. Slide screen to view the Playback option.
  4. Now, tap on the toggle switch next to the Hide Unplayable Tracks option. Switch it off.
  5. At last, proceed to your playlist. Hit on the Hide button to uncover the track.

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On Desktop:

Besides Android and iOS, Spotify serves the role of a Web Player on the PC or laptop. However, hiding or uncovering tracks is not possible without installing the desktop app. To unhide songs on PC, follow these steps:

  1. To begin with, visit Sign up or Log in.
  2. The Install App option is on the left side. Tap on it.

3. Once the app gets installed,log in again and tap the heading down arrow near the username.

4. Click on Settings.

5. Now, go to Display Options.

6. Toggle button to turn on the Show Unavailable Songs option.

7. Lastly, open the playlist. Hit on the Hide icon. Thus, the song that got hidden gets open.

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How to Hide a Song on Spotify?

Track the given steps to hide certain songs on Spotify:

  1. Open Spotify app on smartphone or Spotify desktop app.
  2. Now, choose a track that you wish to hide.
  3. Three aligned dots appear next to that song. Tap on it.

4. Finally, the Hide a Song option arrives. Select it. The chosen track will get hidden.

Winding Up

We hope the details concerning Spotify, its features, unhide a song on spotify methods, and hide a song option are comprehensible. Thus, utilize the above steps to hide or unhide tracks easily on Spotify.