How to Use Two Kik Accounts on One Device

Kik Messenger: One of the Most Popular IM Mobile Application

Kik is a prominent Instant Messaging (IM) app launched on 19 October 2010. Kik Interactive Inc created Kik. It is available in English and requires OS Android 4.1 or above and iOS 10 or up.

Kik Messenger is like other messaging apps such as Whatsapp or Viber. Users highly admire the Kik app as it offers complete secrecy. You can download it via Appstore or Google Playstore to catch up with your family and pals. This app functions via mobile data or Wi-Fi service.

Note: It requires an email address, not a contact number, for signing up.

Generally, people wish to use two Kik accounts on one device. The reason is they want to keep their personal and professional activities unconnected. So, in this tutorial, you will learn the steps for installing and operating two Kiks on a single device.

Steps to Use 2 Kik Profiles on iPhone

Follow the below process to install and use 2 Kik apps on your iPhone:

  1. Firstly, take your Jailbroken device and trigger Cydia.
  2. Now, proceed to Cydia —> Manage —> Sources.
  3. Click on Edit —-> Add —-> Type in
  4. Next, find out the Tweak Slices. Press Install.
  5. After that, chase Springboard when the installation ends.
  6. Proceed to Settings —> Explore Slices.
  7. Now, enter the duplicate app’s title that you desire to construct.
  8. Tap on the Home option and initiate the replicated app.
  9. Finally, start using the cloned Kik app with the counterpart or default profile.

Steps to Use 2 Kik Accounts on Android

Track the below steps to use two Kik accounts on one device (Android):

  1. At first, open Playstore and find out the Parallel Space app.
  2. Next, hit on Install to download Parallel Space.

  1. Open Parallel Space when the downloading finishes.
  2. Click on + and set up Kik Messenger.
  3. Now, enter the info of the dual Kik profiles.
  4. Ultimately, use Parallel Space to switch between the two Kik accounts on Android.

Note: Parallel Space is a cost-free app that enables you to use dual profiles altogether on your Android device.

Merits of Using 2 Kik on Single Device

Now, examine the plus points of 2 Kik usage on one phone:

Separate Professional & Personal Kik Accounts

Having 2 Kik profiles support you in separating your personal and business undertakings. Anyone working as a freelancer needs to connect with their clients can start using 2 Kik accounts on one phone.

Use the Latest Version of Kik

Always download the newest Kik version to use 2 Kik messengers without any trouble on a single device.

Final Words

We expect that the process of operating two Kik accounts on one device is comprehensible. Hence, stick to the steps given above for iOS and Android to run 2 Kik profiles concurrently.

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