Triller vs TikTok – What Are The Similarities & Differences

TikTok Summary

Tiktok is the most famous social video creating and sharing app introduced in September 2016 in almost 40 languages. The app is accessible for both iOS and Android device users. Bytedance is the owner of Tiktok with its head office in Beijing. The net value of this corporation is around $ 50 billion. Zhang Yiming instituted Bytedance in 2012.

Triller vs TikTok
Triller vs TikTok

Ban on TikTok in Various Countries

The former US President, Donald Trump, placed a ban on the Tiktok app as this Chinese application stores the users’ info and directs them to the Chinese authorities. Further, TikTok itself asserted that it saves users’ details but never misuses such data. However, countless TikTokers and short video makers in the USA switch to Triller.

Similarly, several other countries like India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and Pakistan placed restrictions and complete bans on Tiktok over data and privacy violations. Now, Triller is one of the major competitors of Tiktok. Again, Triller has achieved millions of active users around the world. It is the number one video creation and social networking app in the AppStore of the US.

Triller Summary

David Leiberman and Sammy Rubi revealed the Triller app on 23 July 2015. The head office of Triller is in Los Angeles (California). It is an AI-based app that enables recording video clips with a chosen song. After that, the reel and tune get matched analytically. If we contrast Triller vs TikTok, users had to sync reels and tune by themselves in TikTok.

Triller vs TikTok
Triller vs TikTok

In Triller, video makers can shoot several videos. And the AI option of the app gathers the soundest videos jointly to produce a suitable video clip. Additionally, Trillers allows users to collaborate using customized or available songs and effects.

Triller vs TikTok: Similarities

Triller and TikTok are prominent social video-making and sharing applications. Below, we have illustrated the similarities between Triller and TikTok:

Avenue to Exhibit Talent & Creativity

Both Triller and TikTok serve as a routeway for the users to display their competence and artistry.

Triller vs TikTok
Triller vs TikTok

Allow Video Edit & Share

TikTok and Triller apps support their users to develop, revise, and upload videos. These two apps include a collection of songs in different categories. Besides, users can download and convey their created videos or reels on other channels.

Triller vs TikTok: Differences

Examine the table below to spot the differences between Triller and TikTok:

Origin Los Angeles China
Availability 50 Nations 155 Nations
Influencers Both Celebrities & Other Influencers Non-Celebrities
Discover & Search Viral Hashtags, Leaderboards, Organized Genre Charts, & Broadcasted Ad Campaigns Viral Hashtags & Publicized Ad Campaigns
Active Users 65 Million 800 Million
Number of Downloads 250 Million 2 Billion
Song Length Full Songs Usage (via Triller, Apple Music, & Spotify) 15 Seconds Song Usage (via TikTok only)
Video Timing Full Videos Only 15 Seconds Video
Video Edit Options AI-Enabled, Slowmo & Fast Videos, Add Text & Overlays Manual Video Edit, Add Text, Speed, Effects, & Overlays.
Category Particularly EDM & Hip Hop Video on any Subject
Video Download Support Yes Yes
Video Share Option Can Share Created Videos on other Social Networking Channels Can Share Produced Videos on other Social Media Platforms
AI Setup Review Users’ Choices & Show Personalized Stuff Inspects Video’s Biometric Moves & Accommodates it to the Music

The Bottom Line on Triller vs TikTok

We hope you have clearly understood the basic facts of Triller and Tiktok, TikTok ban, their similarities, and differences. Therefore, if there is a ban on Tiktok in your country, use Triller to make short or full videos. Moreover, these apps act as a way to earn a good whack for viral videos.