Threema App Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. Read These 5 Tips

In this guide, you will gain information on the Threema App. We install instant messaging (IM) applications for easy and quick communication. Such apps are used for sharing awkward stories, official charts, or conveying emotions. But do we realize whether our conversions are concealed from the third person or not? 

If you are not using an encrypted IM app, your communications are visible to the third party. An unencrypted texting app can reveal your private data to hackers or mischievous persons.

Hence, we have talked about the Threema App which is one of the safest encrypted instant texting applications. We have touched upon the best features, pros and cons, security, secrecy, and cost of Threema. 

What is Threema App?

Threema is a back-to-back secure texting app available for Android and iOS devices. It is a paid messaging application that follows privacy by design policies. It indicates that the Threema App does not need any personal details like contact numbers. So, it de-identifies the users to an extent. 

Threema GmbH, a Switzerland-based company, designed and developed Threema. The app was made public in December 2012. Threema terminals are situated in Switzerland. Its development is in Pfäffikon Schwyz (SZ).

Threema App enables the users to convey and collect text messages, video calls, voice calls, send locations, voice chats, mixed media, and file attachments. 

Threema’s web app called the Threema Web is accessible over the PC or laptop. But this web app can be used only when the user is online and using Threema over the phone. 

The app contains around 9 million users as valued in January 2021. Threema App has a business app named Threema Work. About 5000 corporations and agencies use Threema Work.

Threema App

Is Threema Really Secure?

Assuring anything as completely safe is impractical. But considering the Threema App, it is a reliable and secure app. Threema incorporates and assigns stable encryption to every part. Further, the app intends to create very limited data on its terminals.

How Much does Threema Cost?

Threema is not a free texting application. The standard Threema App costs $2.99 (charges once only). The app is available on Play Store (Android) and App Store (iPhone and iPad). Threema has received 4.6/5 ratings on Play Store.

Check out below the pricing of other Threema versions:

  1. Threema Work

The Threema Work app is for different organizations and companies for guarding their confidential data. It includes 3 types of Threema Work pricing:

Trial: It is a free trial where you can try the app for 60 days. This trial version allows 15 devices only.

Enterprise: It costs $2.06 each month and for each device. It includes a yearly payment option.

Business: It costs $1.52 every month and for each device. Also, it covers an annual fee choice.

  1. Threema Education

Threema Education is developed to increase the privacy of educational institutes. It costs $9.87 (payment is once) for every device.

  1. Threema Gateway

The fee of Threema Gateway is $0.022 for each message. 

  1. Threema Broadcast

The Threema App offers Threema Broadcast for conveying and obtaining confidential information in organizations without any fear of cyberattacks. The price of 6 kinds of Threema broadcast are:

Broadcast 15: $5.30/month 

Broadcast 50: $10.75/month

Broadcast 100: $18.30/month

Broadcast 500: $86.65/month

Broadcast 1000: $161.55/month

Broadcast Unlimited: $269.95/month

Is Threema More Secure than WhatsApp?

Threema and Whatsapp are popular IM apps. Both these apps strongly stick to the encryption feature. But Threema is the safest messaging app when contrasted to Whatsapp. The reason is that the Threema App does not collect metadata as Whatsapp does. Threema never stores the identification of persons exchanging messages.

Additionally, Facebook owns Whatsapp and FB lost its credibility for distributing the private data of its users. Therefore, Threema is the best IM app that can be used in the place of Whatsapp. 

Threema App
Threema App

Threema Messenger App Pros & Cons

Have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the Threema App:


Threema keeps pace with the E2E (end-to-end) encryption method. 

It does not need a contact number or e-mail id.

It offers secure mobile and desktop apps.

Threema App conforms to GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

It possesses all its servers. 

It does not track the IP addresses of its users. 

Threema allows group chats, file sharing, messages, voice calling, video calling, and creating polls. 

It is entirely an open-source application. Its primary source code can be altered according to the user’s requirement. 


Very few users use the Threema App.

It lacks two-factor authentication (2FA).

Threema does not offer a free trial. 

Best Features 

Now, read the following best features of the Threema App:

  1. E2E Encryption

Threema is E2E encrypted and secured. It means the user can operate this app with complete anonymity. 

  1. Open-Source

The Threema App changed into open-source software. 

  1. Compatibility

Threema is accessible over Android, iOS, and important search engines. 

  1. Versions

Threema offers different app versions like Threema Work, Threema Education, Threema Gateway, and Threema Broadcast. 

Security & Privacy

Threema applies the NaCl open-source cryptographic library to encrypt or code the original messages. But secret details can remain exposed in the message. Thus, Threema App offers secrecy to the users as it does not require any personal details. Users can create Threema ID to use the app privately.

Connecting a phone number or e-mail id on Threema is voluntary. The app hardly collects any metadata like user location. IP address, etc. It gathers very few details on its terminals. The groups and contacts are maintained on the user’s phone and not on Threema’s terminals. 

Threema instantly erases all the messages and files upon transmission. Moreover, Threema frequently arranges a third party to review its features. 

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Dwelling in a virtual environment demands the safety and secrecy of personal data. If you value your confidential information, try out the Threema App. It is appreciated for being a highly encrypted texting app. The app will protect all your details from middlemen, cybercriminals, and private eyes.