The technology seems to stand still in the revival series of the City “And just like that”

And just like that”… (Promoted as A New Chapter of the City) is a newly aired American comedy TV series. The show is set to have 10-episodes having the revival of the City, which is set eleven years after the launch of the City 2, “And just like that” is premiered with its first episode on 9th December 2021 on the channel HBO Max.

This new series will keep on over the earlier favorite characters of the City which is on Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte as they explore the journey from the muddled truth of life and companionship in their 30s to the considerably more convoluted truth of life and friendship in their early 50s.

It’s been a long time approximately around 23 years since we originally saw Carrie Bradshaw who taps away her Apple PowerBook G3 looking out her Upper East Side condo window. A ton has changed now than from the century. Charlotte and Miranda (characters) are now shown raising their teenagers. Samantha (another favorite character) has cut all ties with her peers and has moved to the UK where “provocative alarms in their 60s are as yet feasible.” And Carrie has made the turn from her writing career to her podcasting career.

Being a fan of this amazing show, we all know Carrie’s and her relationship with the gadgets has consistently been shaky, and in this new show “And just like that”, nothing much has changed.

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In the latest aired two episodes of the “And just like that” we have seen Carrie gripping her bedraggled laptop and an old mobile phone in her life, while everybody around her has figured out how to progress with new gadgets or innovation.

On the technology front, we have witnessed many gadgets in the first two episodes which are outdated but seem to stand still in the show. Well, let’s investigate a portion of these antiquated gadgets we have detected in the initial two episodes aired “And just like that” of the City reboot:

Apple iPhone 8

In the latest episodes, in one of the scenes, we have seen Carrie take out her mobile to snap a picture of some passerby. Well, the phone she was seen with was a rose gold iPhone 8 which was released in the year 2017 and has features like a single camera that takes pictures that are equivalent to mid-range mobiles like the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G.

Well we know that this character is not like the one who can’t afford the latest model of iPhone as she is a rich lady who lives in a multi-million dollar community, has a storeroom loaded with garments and shoes that are presumably worth enough to pay for the unit nearby, and her better half has a large number of dollars-a-month Bloomberg Terminal around his work area.

And dislikes that she can’t manage the cost of a superior telephone, she essentially appears to be careless in regards to the way that everybody around her is conveying an iPhone 12. Thus, she can manage the cost of a gadget upgrade. Therefore it seems that the technology seems to stand still.

BlackBerry Key2

Although Carrie’s BlackBerry Key2 is a key part in the second episode of “And just like that”, we saw Carrie take out her BlackBerry Key2 at 5:45 am. Have she and Samantha been on the outs so long she didn’t add her to her new telephone’s location book? Not a chance!

This gives off an impression of being Carrie’s day-by-day driver. As she looks through her messages searching for Samantha, we see a progression of messages sent inside the day. Carrie is not scared of the green air pocket and favors the real keyboard. In truth, the Key2 is somewhat more updated than the other mobile iPhone 8, yet Key2 also runs on the Android 8.1 version.

2013 MacBook Pro

We’re not completely certain, yet we think Carrie is as yet rocking with the 2013 MacBook Pro 15-inch laptop in the latest broadcasted episode of “And just like that”, but In 2021! Isn’t it a little bit outdated technology for 2021?

While the 2013 MacBook Pro was a stalwart when it was launched, the Mac book’s base model was launched with 128GB of capacity and 4GB RAM. In reality, the main thing we’ve at any point seen her do on her Mac book was to see her using AOL, MS word, and explorer Safari, so she’d likely be okay with a MacBook Air.


Well, some other gadgets which were used in the first two episodes of the “And just like that” expresses the view that technology seems to stand still in this latest season which are:

Use of Apple Watch Series 6

MacBook Air M1

iPhone 12 models.