The Graveyard Keeper Mode Game Thrills You

Lazy Bear Games is the company that has developed ‘ Punch Club ‘ and is also the one in charge of ‘Graveyard Keeper‘, a new title that is being carried out together with tinyBuild in which we will play a character who will take care of and manage your own graveyard, although the forms that it will carry out are perhaps not the most suitable for it.

Its creators say that it is the best cemetery simulator that we can find and prove it, they have published the first gameplay of the game that shows some of its main mechanics for five minutes. The truth is that it must be recognized that a resemblance to ‘ Stardew Valley ‘ does keep, but when it comes to putting it into practice, not so much.

The Graveyard Keeper mode game

The reason is that players will have to do whatever it takes to make their business prosper, no matter what methods are used, especially when it comes to reducing costs. In this way, we can trade with other characters and sell them the blood of the corpses or their body parts, in the same way, that the meat of the bodies can be used for festivals instead of buying a decent one.

These ethical dilemmas will also lead us to participate in witch burnings, scare villagers who attend church and even explore dungeons to get all kinds of useful materials, even some that will serve to poison the villagers themselves.

Graveyard Keeper: cemetery management from the creators of Punch Club

Would you like to become a cemetery warden? Presented like this, the idea is not engaging, but fortunately, Graveyard Keeper claims to be the “most inaccurate medieval cemetery management simulation”. A game tinged with humor where Stardew Valley-style capitalism is applied to the macabre atmosphere of the place where the dead lie.

After Punch Club, the Lazy Bear Games studio is back with a different game concept. In Graveyard Keeper, you will discover that life as a gravedigger is not easy: you have to run your own little graveyard and turn it into a flourishing business by any means possible. Collect the blood of corpses, extract organs or limbs, loot graves, exchange “goods” with the villagers, chop wood, fish, explore dungeons … all means are good to replenish the crates. The money raised helps in particular to improve the facilities, logistics, and cleanliness of the surroundings. Allergic to craft and farming, however, go your way.


The Graveyard keeper is the game where your body thrills in a way where your senses get afraid. If you are mature enough, then you can enjoy it, but if you are a teenager and are in the habit of taking bad dreams then you should avoid this game. Once you are in the game you feel that you have entered into a different world of scary environment.