The Complete Guide to Telegram’s New Feature and How It’s Simply Dangerous

Introduction: Why is the New Telegram Feature Dangerous?

Telegram is a messaging app that uses end-to-end encryption. The telegram feature exposes precisely to hackers, called “secret chat”, allows users to send messages that are automatically erased after they are read.

The danger of this new feature is that it could be used for illegal or seedy purposes. It could also be used to send confidential information without fear of the data being intercepted.

A major concern about this new feature is that it can be used for illegal or seedy purposes. It can also be used to send confidential information without fear of the data being intercepted.

Why You Shouldn’t Use the Telegram ‘Share Your Location’ Feature Right Now

telegram new feature update
telegram new feature update

The Telegram app has a ‘Share your Location’ feature that enables users to share their location with friends for a set time period. This is a handy feature for many people, but it’s not something you should use right now.

For starters, the ‘Share your Location’ feature is enabled by default, which means that if you don’t disable it first, people will be able to track where you are at any time. But there’s more to this than just privacy concerns; the ‘Share your Location’ feature can also be used by hackers and malicious actors to track down and harm others.

How to Turn Off the Location Sharing Feature in Telegram

Telegram has a new feature called “share location” which is turned on by default. Turning this off will make the app work more like WhatsApp and Viber, who only share your location when you are using the app.

To turn off this feature, open the Telegram app and go to Settings > Privacy > Share my Location. There should be a toggle button on the top right corner of the screen that says “Off” and if you tap on it, it should turn gray in color.

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For many, the decision to use Telegram is a choice based on privacy. Telegram promises not to collect any personal data from its users, and it does not require phone numbers or email addresses to sign up for an account. The new location-sharing feature on Telegram is a violation of that privacy that many users were attracted to in the first place.

Location-sharing requires permission from the other party before it can be enabled. In order to protect themselves from this new feature, people should either disable the location-sharing feature altogether or only shar their location with those they trust implicitly.