Technology Guide To Adobe Technology Stack

Adobe isn’t commonly thought of as an “enterprise software” company. However, it does sell its software to large companies and offers “enterprisey” products such as LiveCycle and Acrobat. This could be changing.

If you are an IT leader, one of your responsibilities is to choose the right Content Management System (CMS), technology stack for your company. This article will walk you through Adobe Experience Manager’s application stack to help you become more familiar with the frameworks, technologies, and APIs. We hope you find this article helpful in making your decision-making easier.

adobe technology stack-
adobe technology stack-

In later articles, we will explore each of these technologies in greater detail. These technologies will be explained in greater detail and how they contribute to the overall content system.

Atlassian stated that it wants to be the same for technical teams as Adobe is for designers. But it’s clear that Adobe wants technical teams to be what Adobe is to designers. Adobe unveiled several new products at its annual Max conference. These include LiveCycle Mobile and the new BlackBerry SDK. The enterprise now has an “Adobe Stack”.

Adobe Stack

  • Server Layer
  • Language and Framework Layer: ActionScript (AIR), ColdFusion, Flex and JQuery
  • Design and Development Layer: Flash, Dreamweaver Flash, Flash, LiveCycle and all other Adobe desktop publishing and graphic design tools.
  • Delivery and Distribution Layer: Day. InSight
  • Execution layer: Acrobat reader X, the AIR environment, Flash Player, and WebKit – provides an execution layer for desktop, mobile, and browser.
  • Social and collaborative layer:, Adobe Connect
  • Analytics Layer: Omniture

Adobe will now have several key Apache contributors through its Day Software acquisition. This includes Roy Fielding, co-founder of the Apache Software Foundation. Although Day’s sales engineer Paolo Mottadelli believes the acquisition won’t have any impact on Apache, other than adding more contributions from Day. However, the move is quite interesting.

adobe technology stack-
adobe technology stack-

Ben Watson, Adobe’s Marketing Manager UX, said that the company plans to learn more about open-source technology from Day. Adobe’s connection to Apache will not be a way for them to influence Apache. Instead, they will learn from Apache engineers and apply that knowledge to other parts. Adobe will have to learn more about open-source since it is contributing to JQuery, WebKit and other projects.

Customer Experience Management

This stack was created because of a design philosophy called “customer experience management.” The design philosophy known as “customer experience management” or, more precisely, web-based customer experience management. Our coverage of Day Software acquisition:

Larson’s vision of the enterprise centers around “customer Experience Management,” which unites the disciplines of interaction design, user experience, and customer service to create a single field for web-based customer experiences. Larson believes that customers will be able to interact with most companies online in the near future. Citizens will also expect to interact with the government online, even if this isn’t already the case. Adobe plans to position LiveCycle and Omniture’s offerings as a customer service suite that complements its web development technologies.

Customer Experience Management’s “customer” section may be misleading. It can also apply to employees and citizens. Adobe appears to have been influenced by Forrester’s ” empowered_” meme.

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What does it all mean?

adobe technology stack-

Adobe isn’t necessarily the first company to consider customer experience management and business processes management. Adobe’s proposal sounds very similar to Lean or similar management methods.

Adobe’s stack feels a bit overwhelming to me. This is probably because I can’t distinguish the terms “Adobe” and “bloatware” in Adobe’s name.

Other platform vendors, from up to EXo, offer similar products to Adobe’s big stack. Take a look at or CouchOne mobile. (CouchOne has strong ties with Apache).

It’s possible to take Adobe’s vision and create your own solutions using the tools that you like. While Adobe’s solutions might be the best for certain enterprises, all businesses and vendors can benefit from looking at what Adobe is doing.

Adobe’s investments in Apache, JQuery, and WebKit may make it more difficult to resist its influence.