“Steam Keeps Crashing”, How to repair the Problem Technically In Windows 10

Steam is popular software that offers all kinds of video games and automated updates of games. Usually, Steam keeps crashing issues emerge while playing a game or initiating Steam service. In this post, we have discussed some hacks to repair the Steam Crashing trouble in Windows 10.

Steam Keeps Crashing

Methods to Repair the Steam Keeps Crashing Problem Technically

Here, we have stated a few hacks to help you repair the Steam program error. Let’s check out those workarounds one by one:

ClientRegistry.blob Erasure

Steam uses a file to contain your installed games info. You need to delete it to correct the Steam error. This file gets revived when you sign in again. To delete

ClientRegistry.blob, follow these steps:

Firstly, shut off Steam.

Arrive at Steam Directory in C:\Program Files\Steam.

Pick ClientRegistry.blob to erase. Else, rename it.

Finally, re-launch the Steam program.

Apply Safe Mode in Windows & Resume Steam

The second method to mend the Steam Crash is Safe Mode usage in Windows OS. To run the Safe Mode, use the following steps:

At first, use (Window key+R key) to unlock the Run dialog window.

In the box, type in msconfig —> Ok.

Steam Keeps Crashing

Proceed to Boot —> put a tick on Safe Mode.

Finally, press Apply —> Ok and resume Steam service.

Steam Keeps Crashing

Administrator Access to Initiate Steam

The third trick to fix the Steam Keeps Crashing is through the Administrator.

Firstly, right-tap on the Steam program icon on your Windows PC.

Now, go to Properties.

Proceed at the Compatibility option in the pop-up.

Place a tick on Run this Program As Administrator.

Lastly, tap Apply —> click Ok.

Turn off Antivirus & Firewall

Sometimes, the Steam error happens due to Antivirus present in the PC. To turn it off, use this process:

At first, unlock Control Panel.

Pick Windows Defender Firewall.

Steam Keeps Crashing

Under the Private & Public Network section, tick to turn off/disable Windows Defender Firewall.

Finally, tap on the Ok option to apply the modifications made and re-initiate Steam.

Steam AppCache Folder Deletion

Another hack to repair the Steam crash issue is deleting its AppCache. To do this, track the process as given under:

Firstly, go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam to retrieve the Steam directory.

Seach for AppCache —> Press Delete.

Now, Start the Windows PC again.

Lastly, right-tap on the Steam software as Administrator and start it.

Windows PC Drivers Updation

Updating the drivers on Windows 10 is another way to fix Steam crashes technically.

At first, press Windows key + R —> Run dialog window arrives.

Type in devmgmt.msc —> Ok.

Steam Keeps Crashing

Choose Device Manager —> Display Adapter —> Pick the Driver.

Next, right-tap on the Drive and upgrade it.

Now, use the Search Automatically option to get the Updated Driver.

Finally, pursue the directions that appear on the monitor.

Network Adapter Configuration

Sometimes, network error may generate Steam keeps crashing problem. Hence, you can use the below steps to mend the software failure:

Firstly, use the Search option given in the taskbar to unlock Command Prompt as Administrator.

Now, beneath Command Line, enter the command- netsh winsock reset.

Finally, tap Enter to proceed.

Bottom Line

These are the few workarounds that you may use when experiencing the Steam keeps crashing problem in Windows 10. Apply these tricks to repair Steam and carry on with the PC games.

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