Screenshot on a Chromebook, Know How to Edit it | 2022

Chromebook is different from a laptop as it functions on the Chrome Operating System. Several users ask about the process of taking a screenshot on a Chromebook. Thus, in this article, we have endeavored to illustrate the steps of capturing and editing screenshots taken via the Chromebook.

Screenshot on a Chromebook

Further, we have talked about the screenshot error on Chromebook and quick fixes regarding it.

Steps of Capturing a Screenshot on a Chromebook

Chromebooks are the latest computer devices that offer high security and dropbox facilities. It enables you to accomplish different tasks smoothly and quickly.

Screenshot on a Chromebook

Check out the two main ways explained below to take screenshots on your Chromebook:

Taking a Full-Screen Screenshot:

  1. Firstly, push the Ctrl and Show Windows keys jointly.
  2. Finally, anything visible on your Chromebook screen gets caught.

Taking a Partial-Screen Screenshot:

  1. Firstly, hit Ctrl+Shift+Show Windows keys together to capture a half-screen screenshot.
  2. Finally, move the cursor and draw a box around the content you need to catch.

Note: When using the USB keyboard, replace the Show Windows key with F5.

The screenshots captured via the above two methods are inside a mini window at the bottom-right of the screen. Tap on it to view screenshots right away.

Note: When you take a screenshot on a Chromebook, it gets saved in the png (Portable Network Graphic) format.

Default Screenshot Storage Location on Chromebook

Generally, the screenshots taken on Chromebook get stored in Downloads. To view screenshots in Downloads, use the below moves:

  1. Firstly, tap on the white-colored Launcher Button at the bottom-right of the display.
  2. After that, tap on the upraised pointer or arrow.
  3. Choose Files and tap twice to unlock screenshots.
  4. Finally, you can view screenshots as png files marked with date and time.

Steps to Modify the Default Screenshot Storage Location on Chromebook

By revising the Settings, you can adjust the default screenshot storage location. For that, use the steps discussed under:

  1. Firstly, open your Chromebook.
  2. Now, tap on More or three upright dots on the right side (at the top).
  3. Proceed to the Settings option.
  4. Navigate further down and choose the Advanced option.
  5. Finally, under the Downloads tab, select your preferred location.

Note: You may pick and set the Google Drive folder as the default location to store screenshots.

Screenshots Editing Process On Chromebook

You must have understood that taking a screenshot on a Chromebook is an easy job. Let’s examine the steps for editing the screenshots:

Scan Screenshot Storage Location

Firstly, go to the location where you have stored the screenshots.

Double-Tap on Screenshot

Next, tap twice on the screenshot that you wish to edit.

Editor/Image Viewer Tool

The screenshot opens up in the Editor mode (Image Viewer Tool).

Tap Pen Icon

Tap on the Pen symbol to initiate editing.

Use Toolbar

You can access the Toolbar to make changes in the screenshot. You can trim, re-size, turn, or adjust the screenshot’s brightness.

Tap Pen to Save Edits

Finally, tap on the Pen symbol again to apply the changes.

Note: The Image Viewer Tool overdoes the actual screenshot. Hence, always replicate screenshots before attempting any modifications.

Screenshot Errors on Chromebook: Reasons & Fixes

Sometimes, you may be unable to take a screenshot on a Chromebook. Accordingly, you may get an alert stating Screenshot: An Error Occurred. Ultimately, the ‘Failed to Save Screenshot” notification appears.

To resolve the screenshots errors on Chromebooks, study the following fixes:

Fix 1: Connect with the Administrator

Generally, your college or company may handle your Chromebook. They may limit the screenshot option. You can check it by clicking the time option at the bottom of the screen. If you see a Managed Device sign, it reveals the screenshot option is blocked. So, connect with the administrator to unlock the option.

Fix 2: Reboot Your Chromebook

Another way to prevent the screenshot error is to restart or reboot the Chromebook. Also, erase stored cache files on your Chromebook tablet or laptop.

Screenshot on a Chromebook

Fix 3: Avoid Saving Screenshot to a Disconnected USB Drive

Triple check that the screenshot is not getting saved in a disengaged USB drive. Make sure the screenshots are getting saved in a suitable location or folder.

Sending Screenshots via Chromebook

You know that the captured screenshot on a Chromebook appears in a mini window. Here, you get the Copy to clipboard option. Use it to copy the screenshot. Lastly, paste it into a specific copy.

For instance, you can attach the taken screenshot in Gmail or other applications. To send screenshots captured on Chromebook, seek the steps given below:

  1. Firstly, open your Gmail account.
  2. Next, tap on the Compose option and draft an email.
  3. Tap on the Paper Clip symbol.

Screenshot on a Chromebook

4. Tap on the Attach File option.

5. Finally, affix the file/screenshot you wish to convey in the email.

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Final Words on Screenshot on a Chromebook

It was everything about the screenshots on Chromebooks. We expect you have understood that taking and editing screenshots on Chromebook is simple. So, utilize the above-listed steps to capture and modify screenshots on your Chromebook. I likewise trust you preferred the article and assembled data subsequent to understanding it. Leave your remarks or inquiries down the article. Thank You for visiting our website