Samsung T5 vs. T7: What’s the Difference and Which One to Choose

About Samsung T5

Samsung T5 drives are said to be the external SSD (solid-state drives), the drive has a very sturdy and compact design and it is also resistant to shock. The drive is also light and made up of metal which makes it simple strong and solid. T5 also offers password security to its users.

Samsung T5 vs T7
Samsung T5 vs T7

About Samsung T7

Samsung has launched the T7 and T7 external touch SSD’s in the year 2020. The T7 series is a redesigned adaptation of its earlier T5 drive. T7 drive is safeguarded by encryption of AES 256-bit cipher. It comprises EPCM innovation and has the dynamic thermal defender too. The other T7 (touch version) additionally involves fingerprint acknowledgment that provides additional safety and security to its users which is not provided in the regular T7 drive.

Samsung T5 vs. T7

Here we will discuss the differences between the two Samsung SSD’s. The comparison among the two will be conducted on focusing upon the essential 6 aspects of the SSD’s which includes: 

  • color, 
  • capacity, 
  • dimensions & weight, 
  • performance, 
  • warranty, 
  • security, and 
  • Price. 

Color: Samsung T5 vs. T7

Samsung T5- it is The Samsung T5 is accessible in four tones:

  •       Alluring blue,
  •       Black,
  •       Metallic red, and
  •       Rose gold.

Samsung T7- T7 regular version offers three tones which are:

  •       Blue,
  •       Grey, and
  •       Red.

Whereas the Samsung T7 Touch is available in two tones black and silver.

 Capacity- Samsung T5 vs. T7

Storage capacity for SSD is essential to check by the users as it helps in saving huge data. 

The Samsung T5 is accessible in four different size choices: 

  •       250 GB,
  •       500 GB,
  •       1 TB, and
  •       2 TB.

Whereas the Samsung T7 and T7 touch are accessible in the accompanying sizes as:

  •       500 GB,
  •       1 TB, and
  •       2 TB.

Along these lines, in this viewpoint, Samsung T5 gives more limited choices than Samsung T7 and T7 Touch

Dimensions and Weight-Samsung T5 vs. T7

For Dimensions:

  •       Samsung T5 is available in 2.9 inches (width), 2.3 inches (height), and 0.4 inches (depth).
  •       Samsung T7 is available in 3.4 inches (width), 2.2 inches (height), and 0.3 inches (depth)
  •       Samsung T7 Touch is available in 3.4 inches (width), 2.2 inches (height), and 0.3 inches (depth)

For Weights:

 T5 is 51g in weight whereas the T7 and T7 touch is carrying a weight of 57g.

Performance-Samsung T5 vs. T7

While choosing an SSD, SSD performance is one of the main components to be thought of. The SSD with a quick read and compose speed can further develop the system performance and further helps in improving as well as developing the between client experience.

  •       For T5 – it has a speed of 540 MB/s and the successive compose speed up to 520 MB/s.
  •       For T7 and T7 touch- its successive read speed is 1050 MB/s, and the consecutive compose speed is 1000 MB/s.

In terms of performance, T7 overpowers the T5 SSD’s but in terms of reading and write speed is likewise impacted by different variables, so T7 might be slower than T5 in its real use.

Warranty -Samsung T5 vs. T7 

On the aspect of warranty, all these three types of SSD’s offers good dependability and warranty to the users as they give 1.5 million hours of reliability to its users and also offer a 3-year warranty to the clients.

Security- Samsung T5 vs. T7

T5, T7, and T7 Touch utilize a similar AES 256- bit cipher encryption. Moreover, they all have the Samsung Portable SSD programming for offering safety. T7 touch also offers fingerprint acknowledgment, and the users can utilize four fingerprints which will provide added security.

Subsequently, the Samsung T7 Touch overpowers the other two SSD’s in terms of better security and safety.

Price: Samsung T5 vs. T7

Budget is always the main area of concern for the end-users; here we will talk about the price of these SSD’s to choose the best. The prices are as per the official website of the Samsung

  •       T5- The price for the 2 TB is around $209.99, for 1Tb, the price is $109.99, the price for 500 and 250 GB is not available on the site.
  •       T7- Price for the 2 TB is around $259.99, for 1Tb, the price is $114.99 and for 500GB, the price is $79.99
  •       T7 touch- Price for the 2 TB is around $289.99, for 1Tb, the price is $164.99 and for 500GB, the price is $104.99

The price changes with the market and time. The rates above are recorded on 3rd February 2022.

Therefore, T7 and T7 touch is expensive than T5.

Conclusion- Samsung T5 vs. T7

By going through the points of difference among these SSD’s. We can say that in term of safety and performance T7 and T7 touch overpowers the T5 as the T7 touch even offer fingerprint security feature. But if fingerprint security is not the thing for you then you can choose the T7 regular also as it also has the same performance quality. Whereas if you want to go for the small capacity options with more color options then you can choose the T5.

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