Primevault Online Investment | Become a Primer, Earn on Primevault

Do you want to earn good cash with a stable investing scheme? If so, check this article to learn about Primevault, one of the best online capital investment programs. Here, we have described the method to register and earn through Prime vault packages.

Some Essential Facts of Primevault

Prime vault is a popular Nigeria-based virtual income medium. It permits its enrolled users to acquire a good income with assignments completion.


Anyone who sign-ups and becomes a member of the Prime vault is called Primer. The cash that Primers receive is according to the selected package. The per-day payment is N250 to N600. Primers can make cash via Prime Vault by watching or sharing news on other sites.

Primevault Proprietor

Presently, there is no information regarding the owner of Prime Vault. The firm manages all its executive tasks secretly. Thus, the unidentified position of Prime vault proprietor creates doubts in the potential lenders.

Before embracing Prime vault high capital investment plans, users scan all its schemes thoroughly. Though the owner remains anonymous, Prime vault is constantly paying money to its associates.

Prime vault Membership Plans

Check out the three main investment packages that Prime vault offers:

Premium Plan Package (Lowest Plan)

The Prime vault Premium plan is for newcomers. Under this, you need to invest N3000 for registration. Daily, you can earn N50 or N100 for task completion. You can get N100 for sharing an advertisement on your social networking profiles. Additionally, it offers N1000 for recommending Prime vault to an individual.

Gold Package

For the Gold plan, you need to invest N5000. Accordingly, you will get N100 per day with logging. Other regular earnings that you can receive are:

  • N150 for bidding
  • N150 for an ad share
  • N1200 for mentioning Prime vault to an individual


Ultimate Package (Highest Plan)

The daily earning under the Ultimate Plan is:

  • N7000 for Sign-Up
  • N150 for daily Login
  • N350 for task completion
  • N1500 for Prime vault recommendation

Note: All these membership plans have one-month validity. Once the package ends, you can quit or resume. Prime vault delivers about 50 percent profits to its members. Hence, you get the chance to make good money with its higher plans.

Ways to Earn on Prime vault

Completion of some tasks can help you to earn money via Prime vault. For that, you need to:

  1. Login to your Prime vault profile every day
  2. Share selected ads on your different social media profiles
  3. View supported Youtube video clippings.


4. Serve as a Prime vault referral

5. Investment in Cryptocurrency

6. Act as an E-Pin Distributor

Note: Prime vault recommendation is not necessary to get cash. Without referring, you can gain profits from the lowest plan.

Registration Process on Primevault

Follow the below steps to register on Prime vault:

  1. Firstly, use a web browser and open prime
  2. You will get the Sign-Up option on the right side. Tap it.
  3. You get redirected to the Register page.
  4. Next, type in your Name, Email ID, Contact Number, Country, Password, Password Validation, Referred by, and Voucher Code.


Note: You need a voucher key to complete registration. So, to receive the voucher, tap on Coupon Code on the Prime vault site. login – Find Login Pages URL & Forgot Password Links|2022

Profits Withdrawal via Prime vault

Usually, the maturity duration is of a month. It permits you to draw N5000. You can get the earnings on Prime vault but via a bank. Bank takes about three days to process your cash withdrawal.


We hope you have understood everything about Prime vault. Hence, invest and begin earning through this platform.