Notability vs Goodnotes 5, Which One is Best for You (Complete Coverage)

Goodnotes 5 or Notability- Which App is Worthier?

The Apple devices like the iPad or macOS provide a scope to create and store online copies. The two notes-writing applications that have outshined others are Goodnotes and Notability. Both these apps are almost equivalent. However, some distinguishing features exist as well. You may like to understand what app will be the most useful choice for you? So, check out this article to know about the salient features of these apps.

Notability vs Goodnotes 5
Notability vs Goodnotes 5

Notability vs Goodnotes 5: Key Elements

Have a look at the below table to grasp the main features of Goodnotes and Notability:

Goodnotes 5 Notability
Low-Priced Requires Less Space for Storage
Link Sharing in the Documents (Collaboration) More Balanced App
Personalize Outlines (PDF and Custom Outlines) Enhanced Text Option
Outline Identification in PDFs Auditory Documentation Support
Varied Tabs Facility Automated Saving of Notes in WebDAV and Box
Generation of Tailor-Make Stickers
Improved Lasso

Notability & Goodnotes 5: A Comparison

Observe the differences between Notability vs Goodnotes 5 based on:


Notability and GoodNotes are not costless. Goodnotes does not provide a trial edition. But a free version of Notability is open for a specific time. You have to invest for once ($7.99) for Goodnotes. Yet, you need to pay ($11.99) for the Notability app every year. You can download these apps on your Apple devices. Recently, the Notability app appears costlier for the new patrons.

Notability vs Goodnotes 5
Notability vs Goodnotes 5
App Goodnotes Notability
Price $7.99 (One Time Fees) $11.99 (Per Year)
Creator Time Base Technology Limited Ginger Labs
OS Supported iOS, MacOS, iPadOS iOS, MacOS, iPadOS
App Type Note-Taking App & PDF Reader Note-Taking App
Notability vs Goodnotes 5
Notability vs Goodnotes 5

Virtual Notes Creation

Notability enables you to generate notes in a single tap. On the other hand, Goodnotes 5 executes the same task but with a double-tap. Both these apps facilitate templates. Only Goodnotes allows you to add covers to the notebooks.

Personalize Pages

Goodnotes Vs Notability: Which One is Best for You (Complete Coverage)

Page Size Availability

Notability app has significantly enhanced page personalization. It supports papers of distinct sizes like Legal, Tabloid, A7-A3, and Letter layout. Goodnotes app also permits different pages like Notability except Legal. Goodnotes allows the use of Letter, Standard, A7-A3, and Tabloid. The general paper layout that you can apply includes striped, specked, simple, and checked.

Orientation & Page Rotation

Both apps support the portrait and landscape format of pages. But the rotation of pages is possible in the Goodnotes app only.

Notability vs Goodnotes 5
Notability vs Goodnotes 5

Line-Space, Page Template & Colors

Notability provides ten linespace. But Goodnotes does not contain this possibility.

You will get 18 types of page formats in Notability and 22 in Goodnotes.

You can use only white, yellow, and dark colors in Goodnotes. But Notability offers you a choice of color customization besides 15 hues.

Pen Options

Number of Pens Accessible & Pen Size

You will get four pens in Notability like dot pen, ballpoint, ink, and dashed. Goodnotes offers three pen types: brush, ink, and ballpoint.

Notability offers 12 arranged pen sizes. Goodnotes provides an option to customize the pen thickness (0.1-2mm) according to your choice.

Pen Color

The Notability vs Goodnotes 5 table shows that Notability offers 32 colors and 32 custom-styled colors.

Goodnotes allows you to place three hues in the toolbox at a time. Also, you may custom shades in Goodnotes.

Notability vs Goodnotes 5
Notability vs Goodnotes 5

Movable Favorite Toolbar

Only Notability enables you to have a movable toolbar to store your picked 12 tools, preferred rubbers, pens, and highlighter pens.

Zoom Utility

Contrasting Notability vs Goodnotes 5, you should know that Goodnotes 5 holds an improved Zoom utility.

Writing, Navigation, & Margin Tools

Notability contains the navigation utility on the right and the writing option on the left.

Goodnotes does not possess the writing kit. However, it holds a margin option on the left side and navigation on the right.

Auto-Advance Option

Goodnotes and Notability include the auto-advance option. Still, the auto-advance option in the Goodnotes app is more superior. This option will help you in writing in the blue portion. Besides, the zoom tab will proceed to the subsequent line or section automatically.

Backup Settings

In the Notability vs Goodnotes 5 app, you will get the backup facilities. Notability allows you to copy files in Google Drive, OneDrive, WebDAV, Box, and DropBox. Goodnotes facilitate storing notes replica into Google Drive, DropBox, and OneDrive.

Notability vs Goodnotes 5
Notability vs Goodnotes 5

Notability app saves documents in the Note format. Goodnotes retains them in the Goodnotes form.

Both apps permit you to terminate or hold replication of documents in the drive.

Support All-Inclusive Search

Notability aids two kinds of search results. Goodnotes supports 5. You can search for your notes in the Notability app by entering the content or title. In Goodnotes, you can search documents by typing in PDFs, headings, handwritten notes, lettered notes, and outlines.

Notes Organization

Goodnotes is better than Notability in Notability vs Goodnotes 5 table. The reason is Goodnotes countless levels to arrange notes in folders. But Notability offers the organization of notes into two tiers: Dividers and Subjects.

Storage Usage & App Size

Goodnotes is a weighted app when comparing Notability vs Goodnotes 5. So, if you need to store numerous documents, use Goodnotes. But if you want to create small documents, go for Notability.

Storage Usage Goodnotes Notability
App Size 297.3 MB 205.2 MB
Documents & Data 531.8 MB 166 MB
Number of documents 20 379

UI (User Interface)

You get attractive themes in Notability to personalize the UI. The simple UI of Notability makes it a worthy app than Goodnotes. In Goodnotes, there are no themes. It only includes a tabbed interface and two toolboxes.


Notability enables you to apply textbox or start typing on the page instantly. In Goodnotes, the textbox is visible when you begin lettering and vanishes when typing ends.

Exporting Formats

Goodnotes support Images, Goodnotes, and PDF export setups. Notability permits RTF, Note, PDFs, Jpeg/PNG Images.

Dark Mode Setting

There is a night or dark mode option in both apps. As a result, UI gets modified except for the documents or paint.

Notability vs Goodnotes 5
Notability vs Goodnotes 5

So, these are the main features based on which you can comprehend Notability vs Goodnotes 5.

Final Words

Thus, comparing Notability vs Goodnotes 5, we can say that both are great apps to forge and hold digital notes. If you need any of these apps for the lecture rooms, we recommend Notability due to its auditory option. In any case, want to outplace your regular registers or copies, you may try out Goodnotes.