When does Naruto Learn Sage Mode?

Naruto learn sage mode: Naruto has managed to become one of the most popular anime of recent times, so it is not surprising that around the world there are thousands of people who proclaim themselves fans of the most powerful ninja in the village of leaves, but do you know that within the history there are several modes and Sage mode is one of them.

The creation of the mangaka Masashi Kishimoto is one of the most acclaimed anime in the world but that does not prevent the story from being full of several unsolved mysteries that have not gone unnoticed before the thousands of fans that the series has managed to obtain throughout the world.

The hidden face of Kakashi Hatake

One of the most peculiar characteristics of Kakashi Hatake, the famous leader and sensei of Team 7, is the band that he uses on his face. So several anime fans wondered why he always used it and although in an episode of Naruto Shippuden we could see his face uncovered, it is well known that it was never explained because it was partially hidden.

That is why today we wanted to share three mysteries that throughout 720 episodes, which make up the story of Naruto and Naruto Shippuden, could never be fully explained, or at least several fans could not realize because they were on the lookout for the incredible battles that these ninja warriors staged.

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When does Naruto Learn Sage Mode?

What Episode Does Naruto Sage Mode Get

Kakashi Hatake

Naruto manages to unlock this level of power by achieving a perfect harmony of three basic components: physical energy, spiritual energy, and natural energy.

Using this mode allows, above all, the user to experience a notable increase in their chakra, although they also see benefits in their physical qualities as well as an enhancement in certain jutsus.

In this form, Naruto manages to unlock practically all the accessible power of Kurama. As a result, he is able to make use of the eighth tail of the Bijuu and even partially materialize one of the real parts of the body of ‘Nine-tailed Fox’, such as its head.

The hidden Face of Kakashi Hatake

Naruto outpointed his sensei with Sage Mode, but they weren’t the only ones to use this technique perfectly.

Naruto Shippuden has several transformations and different chakra modes, and one of the most powerful is undoubtedly the Sage Mode; This can only be achieved by those who have a connection with nature to the point of being able to absorb the chakra around them.

Due to the shock of Sage Mode, we bring you all the ninjas who managed to achieve the perfect Sage Mode form in the Naruto universe.

Does Naruto learn Sage mode in Shippuden?

Minato Namikaze was one of the greatest ninjas in history and has always been considered a genius since he was a child. At some point in his life, Minato learned the frog sage mode on Mount Myoboku, and it seems that he perfected this chakra mode without much difficulty.

And despite being able to use the Perfect Sage Mode at will, Minato did not like using this technique because he preferred to finish his fights quickly.


Mitsuki is an artificial human created by Orochimaru, who managed to do what his master never could: Control Sage Mode to perfection.

Mitsuki’s sage mode remains a huge mystery in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, and the fact that the ninja keeps him hidden from other people only leaves us even more in doubt about his origins and true power.

Hashirama Senju

We don’t know where Hashirama Senju learned his Sage Mode, as he had no summoning contract, but the First Hokage not only learned but perfected this chakra mode.

The perfect Sage Mode was essential for Hashirama to win his last match against Madara Uchiha and the Nine-Tailed Fox in the Valley of the End.

Is Naruto a perfect sage?

Naruto Uzumaki learned his Sage Path on Mount Myoboku, under the tutelage of Lord Fukasaku. Naruto is a “Perfect Sage” and managed to surpass his master Jiraiya, who had failed to perfect his Sage Mode when he was alive.

Thanks to this power, Naruto was able to stop Nagato and her Six Paths and save the Leaf Village.

How did Naruto learn sage mode so quickly?

Hagoromo Otsutsuki was the first person to learn the Sage Path quickly on Mount Myoboku. Under the tutelage of the frog Gamamaru, he was trained in the Wise Arts and was able to sense the chakra of nature even before he knew what it was.

This incomparable mastery of the chakra and natural affinity with nature’s chakra contributed greatly to Hagoromo’s journey, eventually becoming the legendary Sage of the Six Paths.