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Atos is a top-notch Information Technology, subcontracting, and consultative firm in Bezons (France). Syntel is a division of Atos. Several users inquired concerning the Atos and Syntel companies and My Atos Syntel URLs. Thus, in this article, we have discussed everything related to Atos Syntel and myatos-syntel webpages.

A Brief Introduction of Atos

Atos is a worldwide enterprise that offers forward-looking solutions. It mainly deals in cooperative interactions, cloud storage services, network security, and Big Data.

Atos Company functions globally using brand names such as Unify, Canopy, Atos Worldgrid, Groupe Bull, Atos Consulting, Atos, Atos Syntel, and Atos Healthcare. After combining two France-based information processing firms, the Atos Company started in 1997. Also, in 2000, it was linked with a Company in the Netherlands called Origin B.V. Ultimately, it was named Atos Origin.

Later in 2002, Atos Origin took over the KPMG Consulting firm. And in 2004, it acquired SchlumbergerSema.

Atos Origin decided to purchase Siemens IT Solutions and Services in 2010. In 2011, it incorporated Siemens. Subsequently, Atos Origin came to be known as Atos.

A Short Summary of Atos Syntel

Atos Syntel is a prominent IT consulting and IT services company. Mr. Rakesh Khanna is the CEO. The Company was started in 1980 in Troy, Michigan (USA) by Bharat Desai and Neeraj Sethi.

After the acquisition of Syntel by Atos on 9 October 2018, it became Atos Syntel. The Syntel company functions via four departments:

Application Outsourcing

Syntel’s Application Outsourcing division supports subcontracting of the present administration, expansion, and upkeep of clients’ project plans.

Knowledge Process Outsourcing

The second division of Syntel is Knowledge Process Outsourcing. It offers subcontracted services for clients’ business activities. It facilitates the achievement of the company’s objectives through the application of strategies using the latest technologies.


The e-business division offers expansion and execution solutions involving the usage of the current software applications. The different IT solutions that it promotes include Oracle, CRM, SAP, Enterprise Data Warehousing, and Website Development.


The TeamSourcing division of my atos syntel offers specialized data processing consultative solutions to its clientele straightway. It applies the staff augmentation services to improve the organizational capacity by appointing a provisional workforce.

TeamSourcing unit delivers the System Requirements Specification (SyRS) solution to review the clients’ business requirements. Plus, it monitors the business issues experienced by the clients and suggests solutions accordingly.

Additionally, it helps in the creation, arrangement, configuration, and supervision of intricate data processing programs, web applications, and approaches.

Check Out the My Atos Syntel Web Pages

Below we have provided My Atos Syntel links. So, examine those links in detail:


The recruits of Atos Syntel may visit to sign in. If the link does not work, try out the second one.

Atos Syntel workforce may proceed to Here, workers need to slot in the Atos My Digital Key Smart Card on the desktop to sign in.

If the staff operates the URL via a handset, they need to log in using the AUTH (Authenticator) or OTP Calculator/SmartOTP.

DAS Login Option

The recruits may use the DAS option to sign in. For that, entering the DAS ID and Password is mandated.


The staff has to enter the DAS ID, Password, and AUTH Code in the AUTH login option.


The recruits need to type in the DASID, Password, and OTP Code via the SmartOTP login option.

The Global Service Desk: Login

For the Global Service Desk services, use my atos syntel link:

If the link is no longer functional, visit

Syntel: SelfHelp

Atos Syntel recruits may visit to get responses for queries like Unlocking Account, Resetting Passwords, Contact Number, Security Question, Username, User ID, and more.

Atos Syntel: Home

Businesses who want to need digital transformation may arrive at

Admin Assistance

For Atos Syntel admin services, tap on Here, logging in with DAS ID or LAN ID is mandatory.

Note: Always use Internet Explorer 10.0 or above to examine the web page precisely.

Atos Syntel: Site Map

The visitors may click on to get all the needed info about the Atos Syntel company.

My Atos Syntel- Enabler Function: Login | Enabler, Leadership, CFO

To view Atos Syntel Leadership Organization, tap on

Service Excellence

Tap on to get an idea regarding the services offered by Atos Syntel for the customers.

My Atos Syntel- 2019 HSA (Health Savings Account) FAQ: Login | High Deductible Health Plans (HDHP)

Click on to view Atos Syntel Health Savings Account.

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