Money Heist: Korea’: What’s to know about Netflix’s new crossover

Money Heist Korea What to Know About Netflixs New Crossover

After a brief stint on Spanish TV, “Cash Heist”, also known as “La Casa de Papel”, thrived on Netflix. The platform soon capitalized on the hype by releasing “Cash Heist, the Phenomenon,” a documentary that features the cast and crew discussing the trip.

But that wasn’t the end of “Cash Heist”, which continues to thrive with “Cash Heist Korea — Joint Financial Space”.

“Cash Heist Korea” is more crossover than spinoff. The story follows a prison mastermind who recruits a group of thieves to help him pull off an ambitious heist at Spain’s national mint & money heist Korean remake. The latest iteration feels like a special present due to its unique setting. It is also okay-drama. Here’s everything you need to know about “Cash Heist: Korea.”

Many familiar faces and names are out there.

money heist korea what to know about netflixs new crossover
money heist korea what to know about netflixs new crossover

Followers of “Cash Heist: Korea” will know that Professor’s recruits use global metropolis names to hide their identities during their imprisonment exploits. The characters of “Cash Heist: Korea”use identical monikers. The Professor (Yoo Jin-tae), who is the first to link up with the sequence narrator Tokyo, (Jun Jongseo), as she tries to evade authorities in the aftermath of the violation of the law, does so just like the original. The crew includes Berlin (Park Haesoo), Moscow, Lee Gained-jong), Denver(Kim Jihun), Rio (Lee Hyunwoo), Nairobi (Jang Yoonju), Helsinki (Kim Jihoon), and Oslo (Lee Kyu–ho) and money heist korea season 2.

The basic episode’s set-up is the same: The thieves seize the Mint, while high school students and the daughter of a high-profile judge tour the building. The hostages are also pressured by their captors to decorate the Mint to get rid of police.

These characters also share bodily and persona similarities with their “Casa de Papel” counterparts. Tokyo has a blunt bob that is unlike any other (okay, maybe one). Moscow, husky, and bearded, can often be seen trying to calm his young son, Denver. Rio is a sweet goofball. Nairobi does not matter. Berlin, who is instantly recognizable to “Squid Sport”, should not be ignored.

Kim Yun-jin assumes the role of Seon Woojin, the police negotiator. She tries to figure out what Professor Murrillo and his crew require, but she doesn’t realize that she is closer to him than she might think. Seon Woojin, like Raquel Murrillo before her, is also confronted with sexism while on the job. She is clearly more than all the males around her with money heist korea ending.

It is culturally unique.

money heist korea what to know about netflixs new crossover
money heist korea what to know about netflixs new crossover

“Cash Heist: Korea”, also known as “Joint Financial Space”, is a subtitle of “Cashheist: Korea”. This sequence takes place in a near future that sees North Korea and South Korea at the brink of reunification. Each Korea has jurisdiction over the crime scene because the Mint is located within the JEA. The Professor taps criminals on both sides of the border — Tokyo is one of many North Koreans selected for the heist. “Cash Heist Korea” joins several Okay-dramas with “Squid Sport”, and “Crash Touchdown on You” to provide a rare glimpse into life under the totalitarian dictatorship.

“La Casa de Papel” opens with Tokyo, who is on the run after a financial institution theft. This model shows Tokyo, a former soldier in the North Korean military, who is now on the run after she was taken advantage of and forced to defend herself. The Professor notices that “Tokyo” is a nickname he uses to choose. Rio inquires why “Tokyo” was chosen. She replies that it is because “we’re going to do an ugly factor”, a reference to Japan’s colonization on the Korean Peninsula.

Know Money Heist Korean Version Release Date & money heist korean season 2 release date

This model is more focused on the inequality theme, in line with Korean TV and movies that are more likely to address financial disparity. Inkoo Kang, Washington Put up TV critic, wrote that South Korea has become a global exporter of traditional (particularly motion pictures and tv), a truth American customers are finally catching up to after “Squidport ”, last year’s sudden streaming success. “And Netflix, who has invested heavily in Okay-dramas lately, encourages subscribers to beat the one-inch-tall barrier of subtitles’ as Parasite director Bong Joonho memorably called them. They offer international programming and worldwide reality franchises. (”Cash Heist Korea”) is offered with English subtitles.

Even more surprising is the fact that the thieves don’t wear the same Salvador Dali masks as the characters in “Casa de Papel”. They substituted traditional Hahoe masks.

Netflix acquired “La Casa de Papel” and made some changes. They sliced the first 15-episode season into 22 episodes, which was roughly the same length as two seasons. “Cash Heist Korea”, which launched with just six episodes, will soon get into the backstories of the characters. The Professor and Seon Woojin are familiar from the beginning, unlike the episode in which the Professor bumped into Raquel (Itziar Ituno). “money heist: korea tokyo”

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It is likely to be very popular.

money heist korea what to know about netflixs new crossover
money heist korea what to know about netflixs new crossover

“Cash Heist”, which has been ranked among the top ten Netflix titles, has been there for a long time. Both Okay-dramas and non-English titles have thrived on Netflix and other streaming services. It was a surprise to see “Cash Heist Korea — JEA,” the top-rated Netflix global TV show next week.