Minecraft No Sound, Know How to Fix It Step By Step Guidance

Minecraft, a 3-dimensional Sandbox video game, is highly popular worldwide. But several gamers encountered the Minecraft no sound issue while playing it on PC, Xbox, or Mac. So, in this guide, we have tried our best to explain different ways to repair the no sound error.

Minecraft no sound

The Minecraft No Sound Issue Briefed

First of all, the Minecraft game with no audio is a common problem. You may suddenly experience this obscure issue while playing the game. However, there are a few reasons behind this trouble. The problem may happen due to upgrading the OS, game updation, or re-installation.

Usually, when you start Minecraft, the sound is ok for some days. But after some stretch, when you initiate the game again, you may hear no sound at all. Thus, playing video games like Minecraft but with no audio is bland.

Minecraft no sound

Remember, if you experience such a problem, try to play any other app or game through your system. If it sounds correct, it shows there is some issue in Minecraft only.

You get the choice to endure and play the Minecraft game independently or with other participants. So, if your fun pace decreased due to the Minecraft no sound problem, check out the fixes given below.

Methods to Repair the Minecraft No Sound Errors

Method 1: Press the Integrated Troubleshoot Keys

Minecraft creators knew issues like no audio might occur in the game. Therefore, they provided the option of troubleshooting keys to settle the problem.

If you hear no sound when playing Minecraft, press the following keys jointly:

  • F3+S Keys

Sometimes, the no sound situation in Minecraft may be a transitory error. In this case, you can reload the video game by pressing the F3 and S keys together.

  • F3+T Keys

If the first set of keys does not fix the issue, try pressing F3 and T keys concurrently. These repairing keys will start force reloading the game, audio, consistencies, Resource Packs, and more features.

The application of these keys is safe for the game and game archives.

Method 2: Review Audio Settings within the Game

Many a time, the sound settings fixed in the game get modified. Plus, someone else uses your system or account. As a result, changes may happen in the Settings.

Minecraft no sound

It is crucial to review the sound settings of the game. You may hear no sound in Minecraft due to the disabled Master Volume switch. Always keep this switch to above 0 to listen to the sound. Further, you can enable or disable the music in the game. It means the sound remains audible even when you turn off the music.

Method 3: Unmute Minecraft in the Windows Volume Mixer

The Windows Volume Mixer indicates the present amplification of all functioning applications. Examine it to view if the Minecraft game has been on mute or not. If it is on zero (mute) and the Master Volume switch is up, you may still not hear any sound in the game.

Minecraft no sound

Method 4: Switch Back the Resource Packs

The gamers want a more thrilling experience when playing Minecraft. So, they use Resource Packs to personalize several game elements such as audio, italics, music, consistencies, languages, values and splashes txt. The packs do not alter the basic coding of the game.

Yet, employing such packs hinders the incorporated audio within the game. Consequently, you may face the Minecraft no sound error.

Minecraft no sound

Short-term modification of the Resource Packs and reversing it can fix the no audio issue in Minecraft. If this method does not correct the sound error, go for method 5.

Method 5: Minecraft Uninstallation & Re-Installation

Reinstalling the Minecraft game is an effective technique to settle audio and other errors. If none of the above-listed ways works, uninstall and reinstall Minecraft to get the sound correctly.

Minecraft uninstallation is required to stop incorrectly arranged and erroneous game files. Then, install the game again. It will configure and install all the game settings.

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You can easily uninstall and install programs on your system via Settings. Many Minecraft players affirmed that reinstalling the game fixed the no sound error.

Conclusion on Minecraft No Sound

We understand that playing a video game with no sound error is annoying. That is why we have presented the right solutions for the Minecraft gamers experiencing the no sound error. Hence, use the mentioned methods and enjoy your Minecraft gaming adventure with loaded audio.