Medicat USB Alternative Apps for Windows PC

Medicat USB is a bootable computer repair tool kit that aims to help in various situations such as resetting the computer password, rebooting errors, recovering windows, partitions, and diagnostic tools. Medicat USB is powered by the Ventoy and is also found to be free from any type of malware too. Medicat USB is loaded with a lot of helpful instruments and software such as VLC, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Utorrent, and more.

Benefits of utilizing MediCat USB

  •       It has a great design.
  •       Allows the users to follow with the interest quickly.
  •       Medicat USB performance is also identified as good.
  •       It is well compatible with many other devices. The Medicat USB is compatible with lots of devices.
  •       Its support is great for the users to resolve any query.
  •       It is free to use.

Medicat USB Alternative Apps for Windows PC

BootMed Live CD-Its essential goal was to empower new Windows clients to recuperate the substance of an Operating System making issues during the boot procedure. It can likewise clean the malware and also can recover the computer files which are either deleted or recycled. It also allows the users to build a virtual PC from the physical system.

DLC Boot

It empowers clients to find and fix system issues. It incorporates different applications that assist with recognizing the wellbeing/status of system programming and equipment of the computer. It likewise gives a bootable Windows climate that engages clients to recover control of PCs. It boosts usefulness and offers devices to fix a damaged framework, which helps in saving efforts and time as well. It features the reasons that are undermining the framework and keeping it from working appropriately. It incorporates numerous applications separated into different classifications like antivirus, office tools, and more.

Sergei Strelec’s WinPE

It is a well-known boot disk that assists clients with taking great consideration of their PC by furnishing them with various devices like reinforcement and recuperation, dividing, diagnostics, and many more. These instruments permit the client to routinely perform system maintenance and forestall/resolve the system issues.


It is a Linux framework boot disk accessible as a bootable USB/CD ROM stick to oversee or fix the framework and information after the system crash. It will likely give a simple method for performing managerial tasks on the computer. It accompanies a great deal of Linux programming, for example, framework instruments and fundamentals. It does not require any installation to utilize in the system.

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It is also one of the best alternatives for Medicat USB which is also a free tool and permits its user to fix, reestablish, or analyze any PC issues. It empowers the users to make a bootable disk or analyze any issues that OS may have. 

Active@ Boot Disk 

It is a Windows-based programming arrangement that contains an assortment of amazing projects. It performs information recuperation, information imaging, and secure information deletion just as a few different errands all from a bootable disk. It is a straightforward yet amazing solution for getting information and fixing the system. The product offers a total set-up of valuable utilities to help with all the maintenance assignments, framework upkeep, and information recuperation. 

AOMEI PE Builder

It is also an alternative to Medicat USB that permits to the making of a bootable disk, to boot the PC without booting the nearby framework. It empowers PCs to boot up PCs for fast recovery tasks and easy maintenance when the local framework can’t be utilized. It also offers the windows interface (the classic one) and incorporates a computer, system explorer, and taskbar into the WinPE climate to simplify it to oversee system files.


The above-discussed application is a few of the strong alternatives available for the Medicat USB tool to maintain the computer operations for windows PC.