Top 7 Kodi Addons for Firestick

In this segment, we have listed the top 7 Kodi Addons for Firestick. Presently, online streaming content has achieved a large number of users. Kodi packages are the top choice of the users to watch TV and Kid’s shows, movies, live channels, anime, music, and sports for free. Therefore, you will find loads of Kodi plug-ins to set up.

Kodi apps like Exodus and Covenant are operative but lack stability. As a result, users face buffering issues while watching online programs. But we must give credit to the developers for creating high-quality Kodi packages.

It is desirable to install a low-cost Real Debrid in your Kodi media player. It can repair buffering problems. In addition, it enables you to watch and download HD-quality movies and shows without any glitches.

Exodus is the most accepted Kodi Addons for Firestick. You can access it via the Kodi Bae store. You do not need to subscribe to expensive broadcasting or cable services when Kodi is available.

Note: We have composed a list of the best Kodi plug-ins for Firestick as well as Android. You can use any of these Kodi to watch free online content. But viewing restricted content using Kodi is illegal. It can land you in a legal trial. Therefore, you need to seek a VPN to hide your internet-based watching activities.

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List of Top 7 Kodi Addons for Firestick

Have a look at the top 7 Kodi Addons for Firestick and their features:

  1. The Crew

The Crew is a comprehensive Kodi package having lots of similarities with Venom and Exodus. It goes well with Kodi 19. It offers customized playlists and tons of movies and TV shows. In addition to this, it shows HD content when combined with Real Debrid.

The Crew Add-on Main Menu: You will get content categories like IPTV, Sports, Kids, 1 Click, Stand Up Comedy, Holiday Cheer, Fitness, Chain Reaction, Radio, Food & Brews, Search, and Tools.

The Crew Additional Add-ons: Eye Candy (4K), Retribution (Movies, TV Shows, Live TV, Sports, Concerts, Documentaries), and Mad Titan.

  1. The Oath 

Oath Kodi Addon

Another best Kodi plug-in that is on the list of Kodi Addons for Firestick is The Oath. It is the latest Exodus extension to view TV programs and films. The Oath Scrapers are its supplier. Also, it facilitates the OpenScrapers Kodi project.

The Oath achieved appreciation as it matches well with the Kodi 18 and Kodi 19 Matrix. In addition, it offers loads of media links and faster streaming for Kodi users.

The Oath Main Menu: You will find categories like Movies, TV Shows, My Movies, My TV Shows, New Movies, New Episodes, Search, and Tools.

  1. Numbers

Numbers is another top Kodi Addons for Firestick. It is a full-scale Kodi package that offers lots of streaming content along with TV shows and movies. It is capable of drawing media links of HD and average quality.

Main Sections in Numbers Kodi Add-on: 

It contains categories like Movies, TV Shows, Kidzone, Collections, Networks, Boxsets, Documentaries, 24/7, Music, Fitness, Screensavers, Learning, UFC, System, and Search.

  1. Marauder

Kodi Addons for Firestick

Marauder provides two forms of media content- films and TV dramas. It resembles SkyNet and applies torrents. Thus, it offers superior movie links. In addition, it supports streaming content without any charges.

Marauder Categories: Marauder, popular Kodi Addons for Firestick, has sections like Hack The Planet, The Movie Chest, and more.

Marauder’s The Movie Chest category includes countless movies. Users will find movies that gone unnoticed earlier.

  1. Seren

Seren is another famous and Premium Kodi Addons for Firestick attuned with Kodi 19. It is functional for the users with the Real Debrid utility.

It provides stable and speedy video streaming in HD. Its new edition-Seren 2.0, was initiated on 2 January 2021.

Latest Features Added in Seren:

  1. Seren acquires a new Download Manager.
  2. Most of its coding is revised.
  3. It incorporates metadata of movies and TV shows.
  4. Zip Manager put into action to manage the Zip files.
  5. The Resolver module has been re-worked totally.
  6. The Boys

The boys kodi addon

Another full-length Kodi Addons for Firestick is The Boys. It is in sync with Kodi 19 Matrix. It is a combination of 4 addons, namely, Ghost, Mad Titan, Chains, and Wasteland.

You need to use a Real Debrid account for this package to enjoy all the contents without any buffering.

The Boys Kodi Package enables you to view TV shows, movies, Live TV, and sports (hockey, football, basketball, and like that).

Sections in The Boys Add-on: It comprises categories like TV Shows, Movies, Trakt, Search, Last Link Played, Settings, and The Boys (Chains, Ghost, Wasteland, and Mad Titan).

  1. Covenant

Covenant is another famous Kodi Addons for Firestick that proved acceptable. It is offering movies and TV shows streaming for many years.

  1. Simple Interface: Users can surf videos easily and speedily with Covenant as it contains a simple interface.
  2. High-Quality Links: Covenant offers all the recent flicks and TV dramas in high quality.
  3. Trakt Integration Enable: It allows the incorporation of the Trakt account for HD video streaming.

Listed Questions & Answers on Kodi Addons for Firestick

  • What is the Method to Update Kodi Add-on on Firestick?

You need to proceed to Settings for every Kodi Addons for Firestick. Then, the Kodi plug-in will get updated. Moreover, the Kodi updating option is allowed automatically.

  • Which is the Most Popular Kodi Add-on?

Exodus Redux is the most popular and relatively a leading Kodi package following The Crew and Venom.

  • What is the Risk of Using a Kodi Add-on?

Watching movies, sports, and TV shows get easier with a Kodi app. But viewing prohibited online content can be risky for you. Kodi packages can be legal or illegitimate. That is why using the best VPN is recommended.


The top 7 Kodi Addons for Firestick discussed above are the perfect movies and dramas plug-ins for the Kodi clients. Other Kodi plug-ins that you may consider are Tempest, Venom, ClickSville, FEN, YouTube, SkyNet, Disney Plus, etc. Thus, it is feasible for you to enjoy online streaming using the Kodi apps.