Kirklands Pay Stub, Know Latest Update 2022 Kirklands Pay Stub Portal 2022

Kirklands Pay Stub is a well-known American retailer that offers quality home decor products. It runs more than 400 stores in about 37 states. Plus, it has an online shopping website for customers.

Due to its operations in several areas, it needs to manage its workforce payments. For that, the company utilizes the Kirklands Pay Stub medium. So, in this post, we have explained all the latest updates regarding this paystub portal. If you are an employee of Kirklands, you must have your Kirklands Paystubs account. The Money Network Pay Stub Portal is the approved channel for Kirklands staff.

Understand the Use of Online Kirklands Pay Stub

The reasons that prompted the use of the paystubs login portal at Kirklands are:

Employee Record Management

Kirklands has more than 7000 employees. Hence, its Human Resource Department uses the paystubs tool to handle their workers’ payments.

Additionally, the employees can use the pay stub portal to access their accounts to check their payslips.

Kirklands Pay Stub
Kirklands Pay Stub

Check Payment Info

The HR division of Kirklands provides login info (Username and Password) for the newly appointed workers. Accordingly, the employees may inspect their salary, net income, cess reduction, donations, and additional arrears.

View Company Concessions/Perks

The employees of Kirklands can use the paystub portal to study the concessions provided by the company. The bonuses they can view include health benefits, time off, childcare benefits, retirement savings plans, tours, etc.

Requirements for the Kirklands Pay Stub

Official Kirklands Paystubs Login Website

Firstly, being a Kirklands employee, you must know the official link of Kirklands Paystubs Login portal.

A Device like Smartphone/PC

The next thing necessary to access the paystubs site is a PC, tablet, or smartphone.

Stable Network

A steady internet connection is required to access the paystub employee login site round the clock.

A Good Internet Browser

A good web browser like IE or Chrome is needed to use the Kirklands paystubs website.

Valid Paystub Login Credentials

Finally, use the legit login ID supplied through the Kirklands company.

Kirklands Pay Stub: Steps for Kirklands Account Login

Check the steps given below to access the Kirklands Employee Portal:

Open a Browser & Kirklands Paystubs Portal

Firstly, open Chrome and type in Press Enter.

Employee ID & PIN

After that, provide your Employee ID and PIN as supplied by Kirklands.

Tap Sign In

Finally, tap on the Sign In button to access your Kirklands paystub profile.

Note: Ensure the PIN should contain four numerals only.

Forgot Your PIN? – Seek the Following Steps to Recover Kirklands Pay Stub

Go to Kirklands Employee Login Site

Firstly, proceed to

Tap Forget Your Pin

Next, tap on the Forget your Pin? option.

Provide Employee Details

A new Forgot PIN page arrives. Here, provide Employee ID, Date of Birth, and Last 3 Social Security numbers.

Kirklands Pay Stub

Press Submit

Finally, click on the Submit button to reset the password.

Kirklands Pay Stub: Registration Steps For the New User

Go to Kirklands Employee Login Portal

Firstly, arrive at

Supply Employee Information

After this, type in Employee ID, Date of Birth, and Last 3 Social Security Number.

Tap Submit

Finally, tap on the “Submit” option to create a new account on Kirklands paystubs. Now, you have to provide your email id and contact number. To check your salary info, tap on a paycheck date.

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Note: Several retail stores keep the Employee ID of 6 to 7 numerals. However, Kirklands portal asks you to provide an Employee ID of 9 digits. You need to add two to three zeros to extend the Employee ID to 9 digits. Likewise, add your DOB but with no year. For instance, if the DOB is Nov 10, enter DOB as 1110.


It was everything about the paystubs portal of the Kirklands company. Therefore, use the approved portal link given above to access your employee account. I likewise trust you preferred the article and assembled data subsequent to understanding it. Leave your remarks or inquiries down the article. Thank You for visiting our website