Jio Phone Fingerprint Lock App | How to Set Fingerprint Lock in Your Device

Several people perform web searches to learn about the jio phone fingerprint lock system. In this guide, you will understand different techniques to activate your Jio phone’s thumbprint locking utility.

Jio Phone & Its Fingerprint Lock Set-Up

Jio phone is a reasonably-priced smartphone launched in July 2017. Jio Reliance owns Jio Phone. It is entirely a Made in India 5G device that runs on KAI operating system. It functions based on Voice over LTE (Long-term Evolution) criteria. The Jio phone is black-colored. It includes a Nano-SIM space and a 2.4-inch display screen.

Thus, you have understood the summary of Jio Phone. Let’s talk about an important topic that most Jio phone users dig over the net. It is the jio phone fingerprint lock arrangement. If you are scouring for explanations to this query, you are at a suitable site.

You must have explored the internet for videos and web pages that proclaim to provide steps for Jio phone thumbprint lock activation. Still, those strategies might have or not worked for you. Therefore, read this tutorial to understand whether fingerprint lock is present on the Jio phones or not.

Is It Possible to Set Fingerprint Lock in Jio Phone?

Though the Jio phone encompasses all the elements of a smartphone, it lacks fingerprint touch. It is not a touch-screen phone. This phone operates through its keypad structure. Thus, presently you CANNOT enable fingerprint lock in the Jio smartphone.

However, in the future, Jio Reliance may introduce new Jio phone versions that may contain a touch panel and fingerprint detector system.

So, are you confused about how to access the fingerprint lock in the Jio phone? Do not stress as we have discussed some tricks below to help you in the jio phone fingerprint lock arrangement.

What are the Fake Ways You are Told to Activate Fingerprint Lock in Jio Phone?

You may find many websites or online videos that have stated some pseudo methods to start fingerprint lock in the Jio phone. Let’s check out those three main ways indicated for this:

By Jio Phone Fingerprint Lock App

  1. Firstly, take your Jio phone and proceed to a web browser.
  2. Type in Jio Phone Fingerprint Lock APK Download in the search option.

3. Click on the given site URL-

4. Tap on the Free APK Download for Android option.

5. Once the APK file gets downloaded, go to Settings on Jio Phone.

6. Next, upgrade to the newest version.

7. Fire up the omniSD application and begin Jio phone fingerprint Apk installation.

8. When the app installation gets terminated, place your finger ahead of the phone camera.

9. Finally, you will realize you can lock and unlock your Jio Phone.

By Searching Online Fingerprint Lock App

Many online videos ask you to get help via an online fingerprint lock app. You can search for this type of app using a web browser like Google Chrome. In reality, such websites do not permit fingerprint lock apps for Android phones.

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By Camera Fingerprint Jio Phone

Again, several Youtubians and websites tell that the jio phone fingerprint lock can be activated operating the device’s camera. Yet, such a trick is not practical at all. Also, other smartphones do not provide locking and unlocking through the camera.

Remember, the above gimmicks have not proved beneficial for the Jio Phone users. But these have supported Youtubians in gaining views and likes on their videos.

Why Jio is Not Providing Finger Print Lock in Jio Phone?

Read the following reasons for not including fingerprint lock in Jio Phone:

Price Tag May Upsurge

Jio Phone has the same options as any other smartphone. It allows you to explore the web, use social networking sites or apps. But if a fingerprint detector gets added, the phone price will grow.

Common People Can Purchase

Jio does not insert jio phone fingerprint lock in the phone so that the price remains reasonable. Consequently, ordinary people can easily purchase it.

Final Words

We have given the correct points on fingerprint lock in Jio Phone to help you out. There are no methods to trigger the fingerprint safety option in the Jio Phone. Still, you may test the above steps for your assurance.