Top 7 JBL Headphones that Thrill Your Music Sound

Top 7 JBL Headphones that Thrill Your Music Sound

There is the availability of a broad range of audio equipment such as headphones and speakers in the market. These audio systems have transformed the way of listening and enjoying music. Several renowned companies offer quality acoustic merchandise.

One such reputed company is the JBL (James Bullough Lansing). It is an American firm that manufactures loudspeakers, headphones, and allied electronic products. It will offer two types of products: one for consumers like JBL headphones and the second one for professionals.

If you are in search of standard headphones, get a JBL product. It offers a wide range of headphones options for consumers. We have made it easier for you to choose a top JBL headphone according to your expectations. Below is the list of different JBL headphones and their unique features:

JBL Live 650 BTNC

JBL Live 650 BTNC

Main Features of Live 650 BTNC JBL Headphones:

If you wish for great sound and extended battery life, JBL Live 650 BTNC is the right choice. You can play this device for thirty hours without charging it repeatedly.

It is one of the best JBL headphones that you can carry during a long plane journey. You will get a brilliant music sound. 

You will get increased bass on these headphones. As a result, you will enjoy the well-adjusted sound quality. It includes an ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) and ambient reverberation option. Download: How to Remote Access the Quickbooks Step By Step Guidance

It means if you merely want to enjoy music without interruption from surrounding echo, switch to ANC choice. But when you want to hear the nearby whisper, turn on the ambient sound mode.

Count on this audio product as you will not encounter any ear pain issues. JBL Live 650 BTNC is handy audio equipment that can be carried in the bag easily. Also, its ear cups are foldable and get rotated to remain even.

Minus Points:                              

It may get heated up after prolonged usage. Thus, you have to take time off while listening to music for hours.

You will get the older edition of the USB connector to charge it.  

Endurance Sprint Wireless JBL Headphones


Endurance sprint wireless JBL headphones

Main Features:

Another top JBL Headphones that you can decide are the JBL Endurance Sprint Wireless. It is the most admired headsets owing to its IPX7 quality. It means that it is entirely a water-resistant headphone that can endure snowfall, downpours, and sweat.

The IPX7 ratings signify that you can place this product for 30 minutes under 1 meter of water level. But it is not suitable while having a swimming activity.

The battery lasts for 9 hours once charged up. It will consume 2 hours to charge. It is not a real wireless headphone. But the sleek and fine wire will keep the earbuds properly in your ears.

Minus Points:

You will get improved bass and treble. But the mid-range got declined. Consequently, you will experience intense and loud sound. You will need to take a break for some time if you get uncomfortable while listening to music.

You will get the micro-USB charger, not the latest USB-C connector.

JBL Live 400BT 

JBL Live 400 BT

Main Features: 

You can buy the Live 400BT JBL headphones if required an on-ear headset. It is the luxurious headset offered by the JBL with battery life is of 24 hours. It is a handy and light-weighted headphone.

The ear cup design is superb that you will not face any ear pain problems. Also, the ear cups are not bulky.

Minus Points:

It involves no fast charging system. You need to hang on for two hours to let it charge. Besides this, you will get the micro-USB connector system.

You will sense superb sound quality with enhanced bass. But the bass effect is a bit conflicting.

Reflect Mini 2 JBL Headphones

Reflect Mini BT

Main Features:

Reflect Mini 2 JBL headphones are another good choice for you. It offers a high-grade sound quality with enhanced bass. Besides, mid-range and treble options are well-adjusted to ensure a precise sound.

These headphones are extremely comfortable as you will not sense weariness and ear pain when using them. You can put these headphones around your collar. Plus, it is a handy product that you can place in the pouch easily.

It has a battery duration of 10 hours after charging. It has an embedded fast charging technique.

Minus Points:

You have to charge these headphones using a micro-USB connector.

Some of you may find the wings near the earbuds annoying.

E55BT Wireless JBL Headphones


E55BT wireless JBL headphones

Main Features:

You can pick up E55BT Wireless JBL headphones as these are trendy and efficient. You will experience majestic sound with improved bass and mids. The treble tone is well-adjusted.

The battery lasts for twenty hours. You will love this product if you have small ears.  

Minus Points:

These headphones are not suitable for individuals with big ears. It will cause extreme ear pain.

You have to hang on for 2 hours to charge this headphone. Moreover, you will have to apply the micro-USB charger.

UA True Wireless Flash JBL Headphones


UA True wireless flash JBL headphones

Main Features:

Do you want to experience excellent sound quality? Then, UA True Wireless Flash JBL headphones are a superb choice. The treble tone is somewhat declined but superbly adjusted.

The earbuds will not cause any discomfort. These headphones are portable as it is a wireless product. 

You can enjoy your favorite music for 5 hours once charged. Additionally, you will get extra 20 hours with its charging holder.

Minus Points:

The charging holder of this headphone is large. Still, you can accommodate it inside a pocket.

You will have to use the former micro-USB for charging it.

Tune T120TWS True Wireless JBL Headphones


Tune T120 TWS True wireless JBL headphones

Main Features:

JBL Tune T120TWS True Wireless is another top JBL Headphones available at an affordable price. You will get an advanced bass tone. The mid-range and treble tone is well-composed. As a result, you will obtain superior sound quality.

You will sense great comfort when using these headphones. The earbuds are smaller and won’t hurt your ears. If you love high bass, then you will like this headset. You will not experience any earaches or exhaustion.

The total battery life of this headphone is 16 hours. Further, this product includes a fast charging technique.

Minus Points:

You will have to charge it with the micro-USB connector system.

These are not appropriate headphones for those who do not like heavy bass.

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Final Words

All the above mentioned JBL headphones are superb products having a composed sound system, extended battery life, and reasonable pricing. But if you need ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) headphones, pick up Live 650 BTNC JBL headphones

There are some points that you must keep in mind while selecting an apt JBL headphone for yourself. Firstly, JBL manufactures both wired and wireless headsets. The wired headphones require cord connectivity and wireless headsets run through Bluetooth. Currently, wireless headphones are trending.  

Secondly, you need to be watchful regarding the shape of the earbuds when choosing JBL headphones. JBL makes headphones with customized and rotary ear cups. If you have smaller ears, the JBL E55BT headphone is the right alternative. 

Thirdly, choose a JBL headphone that offers a great sound experience and extensive battery time. Thus, take care of these tips to purchase suitable JBL headphones.