Is Goodnotes for Windows Really Valuable

Goodnotes: The Best App to Store Your Digital Notes Safely¬†Generally, you use a copy, register, or sheet for penning down notes. But depending on such stuff is not a great idea as you can lose your documents completely. That is why more and more people are taking advantage of virtual notes that can’t be misplaced.

So, if you are looking for an excellent document-managing application, use Goodnotes for Windows. This application enables you to put down and personalize notes virtually. It is an app for the iPad to facilitate taking down notes. GoodNotes fetches recorded material stored on Apple cloud storage to Android devices.

Goodnotes for Windows
Goodnotes for Windows

Goodnotes app comprises a multitude of templates. Thus, it alters the laptop computers and palmtops into virtual documents. All the digital copies get arranged systematically and saved in a suite. You can choose and open notes whenever needed for citation. Besides, there are numerous auxiliary choices in the Goodnotes app that safely organize each document on the iCloud.

Take on board that you can install the Goodnotes app via Appstore exclusively. But in this tutorial, you will check detailed steps to download Goodnotes for windows.

Method to Download the Goodnotes App for Windows

You will not find the Goodnotes app in the Web Store. So, to get Goodnotes on your Windows, install an emulator at first.

The emulator will allow you to transfer Mac operating system to your PC. Thereupon, you can retrieve the Appstore for Goodnotes installation on your PC.

Use the below steps for Goodnotes installation on the PC:

  1. Connect your PC to WiFi and proceed to Chrome.
  2. Now, type in in the search bar.
  3. You will get the download link. Press on Download for PC option.
Goodnotes for Windows
Goodnotes for Windows

4. Once the emulator gets installed and begins functioning on your PC, search for Goodnotes in the Appstore.

Note: Do not push the conditions of your system by using two operating systems simultaneously. If you do so, it can be troublesome for your Windows system.

Is GoodNotes Worth Buying?

Many reasons make Goodnotes a worth buying application. Just examine the brilliant features of it:

Powerful & Attractive App

Goodnotes enables you to arrange and accommodate your digital notes.

Palm Rejection Option

You can register notes using the Goodnotes app’s palm rejection option. It means placing your palm restfully when writing will not leave disoriented impressions on the digital paper.

Support Stylus

Goodnotes allow you to type using the stylus feature. You can use the pen option (like ball or ink pen) integrated with the app for writing with your fingers or stylus on the virtual sheet of paper. You can choose the pen’s color and thickness according to your preference.

Add Notes to PDFs

You get the option to add notes in the PDFs when using Goodnotes.

Left-Hand Mode

The GoodNotes app provides an option for the users who write down with their left hand. You can pull your palm from the upper side of the display towards down. Also, the tools and options get shifted from up to bottom.

Transform Handwritten Notes into Typed Form

Goodnotes allow you to use its Lasso option for altering the in-writing notes to a lettered format.

Goodnotes for Windows
Goodnotes for Windows

Artistic Covers, Categories & Sub-Categories

Use the Goodnotes for windows to produce digital notebooks arranged in classifications and subclasses. Plus, you get the option to supplement your notebooks with artistic covers to flaunt your style among your peers.

Import File

Goodnotes is a great app to create new notes or upload PDF files. Further, you have the option to add graphs, ruled sheets, or backgrounds.

Shape Recognition Option

When you draw any shape (for example, a circle) in the digital note, Goodnotes automatically identifies that shape. It makes that shape better and clear.

Goodnotes for Windows
Goodnotes for Windows

These are the main features of Goodnotes that make it one of the leading online note writing apps. You can purchase the Goodnotes 5 app that is available for $7.99.

Can You Use GoodNotes on Windows?

No, you cannot directly download Goodnotes for windows. So, use the downloading steps as given above via an emulator. In addition, you may use some other notes apps that function like Goodnotes and are accessible over the web.

What is Comparable to GoodNotes for Windows?

Now, dive into this section to know about some other notes apps that are equally good as Goodnotes:


Journal is the venture of Microsoft Garage. It is an online notes-writing app for Windows 10. If you like recording your thoughts swiftly, use Journal.


Another app comparable to Goodnotes for windows is Jarnal. Use it to jot down notes, maintain a diary, create PPTs, mark PDF, and make doodles.


NoteLedge allows you to maintain your notes in an organized manner. Also, you can use mood panels to visualize your ideas in the form of images.

Google Keep

You can utilize Google Keep that supports net browsing and creating digital notes.

Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote is another backup option that you may use to collect crucial chapters and verses.

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You can use NoteLab over Windows, Oracle Solaris, Linux, and Mac operating system 10.

Do You Have to Pay for GoodNotes Every Year?

No, you do not have to pay for Goodnotes each year. You have to pay one-time fees ($7.99) to buy it.

Goodnotes for Windows
Goodnotes for Windows

Final Words

Goodnotes for Windows is a robust tool that assists you not only in creating notes but also in saving them in dropbox. Therefore, use it to avail of its merits even on your Windows computer. Ultimately, there will be no need to use a piece of paper for noting down data.