iRoot Apk for Android and Windows: Download iRoot Latest

In this article, we have talked about iRoot Apk, a free application to root your Android and PC. But before that, let’s get familiar with the term ‘smartphone rooting’. Rooting is a word synonymous with Android while ‘Jailbreaking’ is identified with iOS. 

Android rooting permits you to achieve total control over the OS (Operating System). Several rooting apps allow you to act like a superuser or root user and make certain changes to the device. One such app that you can use to root your Android or Windows is iRoot Apk

Both Rooting and Jailbreaking enable the users to get away with the limitations imposed on the software. But these two terms are completely different from one another. 

Go through this article to get basic details of iRoot Apk, its official website, current version, features, installation, and downloading process.

iRoot Apk: A Popular & Speedy Android Rooting App

The rooting of PC and Android devices is a complex task. But initiating changes in your phone or PC has been made simpler with iRoot Apk

Android is an open-source software package that runs on Linux Kernel. Linux Kernel is an important element of the Linux Operating System. Consequently, this allows rooting of Android phones, tablets, and Windows. 

Android, being an open-source program, already permits you to install third-party applications and themes. Still, you can attain special authority on your device with the usage of iRoot Apk. It enables you to modify or substitute the overall OS in a single click. Thus, iRoot helps you to subdue the constraints that OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) place on the devices. 

This app supports you to become in charge of your device. You get the authorization to make changes in the ‘Settings’ like altering the rate of the processor or uninstalling coerced apps. Moreover, you get the option to block ads on different apps or retrieve hidden files stored on your device. 

The iRoot Apk is a free Android rooting app that you can install to improve CPU efficiency and battery duration, enhance RAM, and install custom-built ROMs.

iRoot Apk Additional Information

Application Name: iRoot

Earlier Name: vRoot

Category: Android Root Tool

Developer: Shenzhen

Version: v3.5.3

Updated On: April 20, 2020

Size: 13.7 MB

Cost: Free App

Minimum Android Requirements: Min: Android 4.4 (Kitkat, API 19) & Target: Android 9.0 (Pie, API 28)

What is the Latest Version of iRoot?

iRoot 3.5.2075 is the latest iRoot Apk version. You do not need any technical expertise for rooting your device when iRoot is there. 

How Do I Download iRoot to My Computer?

You can easily download the iRoot Apk app directly on your PC/Windows/Laptop using the below steps:

Note: iRoot app is not accessible over Google Play Store. The reason is it is not an approved app yet. But you can download it from the iRoot website.

Firstly, make sure your PC is connected with WiFi or broadband.

Now, use a browser like Chrome and type in the iRoot website URL: 


You will see two options on the iRoot website home page: Download for PC and Download for Android.

Choose and hit on the Download for PC option.

The Apk file of this app will begin downloading.

Then, the iRoot Apk file will require permissions for accessing your PC. Just allow it to root your computer.

Finally, click on the Root choice. Your computer will get rooted automatically.

How Do I Download iRoot on Android?

Have a look at the method below for downloading iRoot Apk on Android:

Firstly, ensure your Android device has a stable internet connection.

After that, proceed to the Chrome browser and enter the iRoot URL: or

You will see the Download for Android option on the home page. Hit on that option to download the iRoot Apk file.

Next, you will be requested to allow the Apk file to access your Android device. Enable it.

Lastly, snap on the Root option to initiate automatic rooting of Android. A Success Message is displayed once rooting is completed.

What is iRoot Official Website?

The official iRoot Apk website is The website provides iRoot app download links for Android devices and PCs. 

Plus, visit to download the iRoot app directly on your Android devices without a personal computer.


How to Install iRoot Application for Android

Go after this procedure to install iRoot apk for Android: 

Initially, enable mobile data on your Android device.

Next, proceed to Chrome and enter the iRoot website address:

You will see the Download for Android (without PC) option on the home page. 

Simply hit on Download for Android to get the iRoot Apk file. 

Note: The iRoot website provides iRoot App download options in its Product category too. 

After that, you need to check on the Launch iRoot to run the set-up process. Hit on Finish once the set-up process ends.

Now, click on the Root option to start rooting your Android device.

Finally, you will see a success message once Android is rebooted.

How to Install iRoot Application for Windows

Chase the following steps to install iRoot Apk for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Windows Vista/XP:

First, enable internet connection on your PC or laptop.

Next, visit and hit on Download for PC. You need to extract the Apk file provided in the zip file format. You can utilize WinRAR for extracting the Apk file. 

Now, press on Continue and choose the location for saving iRoot.

Finally, pursue the instructions as shown on the computer screen to install the iRoot app.

iRoot Features

The major features of iRoot Apk are:

Enjoy Android/Windows Features

The iRoot app helps you to unblock the software restrictions imposed by the manufacturers. Thus, you can access the features of the device completely. 

Kernel & Custom-Made ROM

The iRoot Apk supports changing of Android skin through custom-made ROMs. Moreover, it helps you to download Android’s latest version beforehand.

Uninstall Forced or Useless Apps

You can make your Android device or PC more useful with the aid of the iRoot app. It enables you to uninstall forced or useless applications. 

Block Ads in Apps

Many downloaded apps show us ads that are irrelevant or not needed. Advertisements shown in the gaming apps are irritating. Therefore, use the iRoot Apk to block ads in a single tap.

Open Blocked Features

The iRoot app allows you to enjoy all the latest features of Android like PhotoSphere before its announcement. 

Increase Device Speed

The performance of your Android or PC gets enhanced with the iRoot Apk. You can download apps like One Cleaner to erase spam files and hibernate unused applications.

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Rooting of Android or Windows gets easy with the iRoot Apk. It is a highly secure rooting app consisting of powerful features. Do remember that rooting is a sensitive method that involves some risks. Always use reliable rooting apps like iRoot to root your device. Besides, you can use alternative cuttings apps like Root Genius for PC, Binary Toolkit, or Motochopper Tool if iRoot is inaccessible.