How to Use Amazon Echo Speakers to Expand Your Eero Mesh

Amazon Echo Speakers – Certain Echo devices can extend your Wi-Fi network IF YOU HAVE AN Eero mesh network. Amazon Echo Speakers was acquired by Amazon in 2019 and has since produced some of the greatest mesh Wi-Fi routers available. If you link your Amazon and Eero accounts, the Eero series offers tight integration and is especially suited for Alexa-based smart homes.

Keep in mind that Eero Built-in is currently only accessible in the US and Canada as you read on to learn which Echo devices can serve as Eero Wi-Fi extenders and how to set them up.

Amazon Echo Speakers

Your mesh network can now use any Echo device with the “Eero Built-in” badge as a Wi-Fi extender. Amazon Echo Speakers can connect up to 10 devices, provide speeds of up to 100 Mbps, and increase coverage by up to 1,000 square feet. The 5 GHz spectrum is utilised by all authorised Echo devices (no 2.4 GHz or 6 GHz support).

Every built-in Eero device

All you require to get going is an Eero gateway device that is compatible (your main router). The whole list is provided here:

Software Updates

Make that the Alexa app, Amazon Echo Speakers, and Eero system are all current. This is how:

Go to Settings > Software version in the Eero app after opening it. Version 6.12.1 or later is required.

Open the App Store, touch on your Account profile in the top right, slide down to Available updates, and update Alexa if a new version is available to upgrade your Alexa app on iOS.

Open the Google Play Store, press your profile in the top right corner, choose Manage applications and devices, and update Alexa if a new version is available to upgrade your Alexa app on Android.

“Alexa, check for software updates” will update your Echo speaker.

How to Utilize Built-In Eero – Amazon Echo Speakers

You can skip the next steps if you signed into Eero using your Amazon credentials. But you need to link your accounts if you used different login information for Eero and Amazon. This is how:

  • Tap the Explore tab after launching the Eero app.
  • Make Amazon Connected Home your choice.
  • After reading, tap Link to Amazon.
  • Tap Sign-In after entering your Amazon account information.