How to Uninstall Avast Driver Updater, Learn More

Avast Driver Updater Meaning

Avast Driver is a task execution software installed on computers. This program keeps an eye over the troubling and outmoded PC drivers. Consequently, it upgrades the defunct drivers to lessen problems for the computer.

Thus, the Avast Driver checks the different hardware gadgets involving drivers for the proper functioning of your system. The hardware components that Avast driver examines are ink-jet or laser printers, recorders, video cameras, soundboards, graphic cards, web, and video accessories.

Avast Driver is not a free program. After using its cost-free trial edition for a specific span, you need to purchase it.

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De-Installing Avast Driver

Sometimes, you need free space on your system. In that situation, you may want to get rid of the Avast Driver software. Also, if you do not need this program anymore, delete or uninstall it from Windows and Mac. Anyway, deletion of Avast Driver is a bit complex task.

You may realize numerous methods over the net for Avast Driver uninstallation. But many techniques will not work for you. Therefore, we have shown some easy steps in this writeup for Avast Driver Updater uninstallation from PCs and Mac.

Removal of Avast Driver from Different OS

Track the simple steps given under to remove Avast Driver from your PC in an easy way:

From Windows 7

  1. Firstly, proceed to the Start option indicated on the taskbar (at the bottom). Tap on it.
  2. Now, select the Control Panel option.

3. You will get the Programs option. Under which, you will notice the Uninstall a Program option (in the default layout).

4. If a big or small icon layout flashes, click on the Programs and Features option.

5. Here, you will get the list of apps or software installed on your PC. Check for the Avast Driver Updater.

6. When Avast Driver appears, right tap on it. A pull-down menu will show the Uninstall/Change a Program option. Choose it.

7. A User Account Control window will arrive. Press the Yes option.

8. When the Avast Driver Updater Setup screen ensues, tap the Uninstall button.

9. Also, if you do not wish to re-initiate this program, place a tick on the Delete All Backups and Log Files option.

10. But in case you want re-initiation of Avast Driver hereafter, do not tick that option.

11. After that, you will see a window asking for the Uninstallation of Avast Driver. Tap on Uninstall.

12. Finally, hit on Done once the Avast Driver program gets removed from Windows 7.

Windows 8

  1. Firstly, press the Windows key and X together. A menu will arrive. Select the Programs and Features option.

2. Then, right-tap on the Avast Driver software. Pick the Uninstall choice from the pop-down menu.

3. Press Yes when the User Account Control screen arises.

4. After that, click on Uninstall when the Avast Driver Uninstaller window arrives.

5. Place a mark on the Delete All Backups and Log Files if you do not require Avast Driver henceforth. Else, do not put a tick to retain all the driver backup files.

6. When the Avast Driver Uninstallation tab appears, hit on Uninstall.

7. Let the uninstallation process complete.

8. Lastly, press the Done option after the Avast Driver software uninstallation ends from Windows 8.

Windows 10

  1. At first, right-tap on the Start button. A menu will appear. Choose Apps and Features.
  2. Another way is to access Settings → Apps → Apps and Features (on the left).

3. You will see the Search the List bar. Tap on it and enter Avast Driver.

4. When the program surfaces, double-tap on it. You will get two options: Modify and Uninstall. Press Uninstall.

5. When the User Account Control flashes, click on the Yes button.

6. Next, the Avast Driver Updater Uninstaller screen arises, hit Uninstall.

7. If you have no second thought for Avast Driver reinstallation, mark on the Delete All Backups and Log Files. Otherwise, do not put a mark on this dialog box.

8. Click Uninstall when the Avast Driver Uninstallation tab becomes visible.

9. Hang on until the uninstallation gets terminated.

10. Finally, tap on the Done option when Avast Driver gets uninstalled from Windows 10.


  1. Firstly, proceed to the Mac app store on your computer.
  2. Select Avast Driver and double-tap on it.
  3. A window surfaces asking whether you want to Uninstall the program or not. Press Delete.
  4. Avast Driver will get deleted into the bin.
  5. Finally, right-tap on the bin for complete erase of Avast Driver program on Mac.


You will notice several other modes for uninstalling Avast Driver. However, implementation of such ways requires technical skills. Therefore, we suggest you utilize the above methods for PC and Mac. These simple methods will aid you in accomplishing Avast Driver Updater uninstallation.