Learn to Type on a Pdf File in an Easy Way

PDF (Portable Document Format) is a file presentation format. Adobe created the PDF file arrangement in 1993. A downloaded tax form is an example of Pdf file. You can identify a Pdf file if it closes with .Pdf. 

Why Pdf Files are Preferred & How to Type on a Pdf? 

Pdf files are ‘read-only’ documents. It indicates that such shared files are viewable but not editable. That is why these files are preferred as it protects the formatting and text of the file. It means that your Pdf document is seen by everyone as planned by you. 

But there is a possibility where you need to modify the Pdf documents. So, in this article, we have highlighted the steps for How to type on a pdf. You will learn to add text in a pdf file on different devices like Desktop, Android, MacOS, iPhone, or iPad. 

We can use Adobe Acrobat DC, a free Pdf editor tool on your desktop or MacOS. You can insert images, remarks, and signatures into a Pdf document with this tool. For Mac, use the already installed Preview app to insert text, comments, and signature. And if you are an iPhone or iPad user, utilize the Markup tool.

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How to Type on a Pdf Using Adobe Reader DC on Windows or macOS 

  1. Firstly, install the free Adobe Reader using the link: get.adobe.com/reader. Else you may get it installed in the Start menu on Desktop/PC. You can access this tool using the MacOS ‘Applications’ folder.  
  2. Next, open Adobe Reader and snap on the ‘File’ menu. Select the ‘Open’ option to transfer your Pdf document.
  3. After that, hit on the ‘Edit Pdf’ option.
  4. Now, tick on the ‘Add Text’ option for How to type on a pdf file. Here, you can insert your desired text. Also, you have the menu option to modify the format, size, and color of the content. 
  5. Finally, provide a name to your file and hit the ‘File’ menu to choose the ‘Save’ option. 

For Adding Signature to the Pdf Document:

  1. Hit on the ‘Sign’ option given in the toolbar.
  2. Then, press the ‘Add Signature’ or ‘Add Initials’ button. 
  3. Next, enter your initials or sign or press the ‘Draw’ option to depict your signature using the mouse.
  4. Press ‘Apply’ to put your sign in the Pdf document. Moreover, you can drag and drop your entered signature anywhere in the Pdf.
  5. At last, hit the ‘File’ menu to ‘Save’ your Pdf with the newly added text and signature.

How to Type on a Pdf Using the Preview App on Mac

Preview is a Pdf and image viewing app for Mac operating system. As a Mac user, you can use this tool for How to type on a pdf file.

Pursue the following steps for typing text on Mac using the Preview app: 

  1. At first, launch the Preview app to upload your Pdf document.
  2. Next, hit on the ‘Text’ symbol given in the Markup toolbar.
  3. Now, you will see a ‘Text Box’ within the Pdf. Click on it to add text or comments. After adding text, you can drag it and place it anywhere in the Pdf. 
  4. Then, proceed to the toolbar and press the ‘A’ symbol on the right. A dialog box will arrive. Use it to change the color, font size, and font style of the text. 
  5. Use the ‘B’ symbol to make your text weighty or bold. Like this, use the ‘U’ symbol for underlining the text. Also, you can modify the alignment of the text using the options under the dialog box.
  6. In the end, use the ‘File’ option to ‘Save’ your edited Pdf. 

How to Type on a Pdf Using Markup Tool on an iPhone or iPad

  1. Firstly, click and open the Pdf where you wish to add text. 
  2. After that, hit on the ‘Pencil’ image at the right. The Markup tool will open below on the screen. 
  3. Next, snap on the ‘Text’ option. A ‘Textbox’ will appear on the Pdf document. 
  4. Choose Edit for How to type on a pdf. Now, you can insert text into the Pdf. 
  5. Finally, hit outside the textbox after entering your text to finish it. You can drag and place your entered text anywhere in the Pdf.

How to Type on a Pdf Using Acrobat Reader DC on Android Phone or Tablet

  1. Firstly, open the Play Store to install Acrobat Reader DC.
  2. After the app gets installed, easily register with your Google account.
  3. Next, go to the Pdf to open it. Pdf is visible in the Acrobat Reader. 
  4. Now, choose the ‘Edit Pdf’ choice. A ‘Text Box’ will be presented that you can use for How to type on a pdf. Use the text box to type in your text or notes. 
  5. Finally, click anywhere in the document to leave the text box. 


We have presented different Pdf editing tools for different devices. Thus, your query- How to type on a pdf file we have solved through the above Pdf editing tools. Other tools you can use to modify your Pdf documents are Google Docs, Smallpdf, PDFelement, and EasePDF.