How to Skip or Block Hulu Ads, Step by Step Guide

As of now, there is a plethora of video streaming websites that are ready for use on the internet. Among them are Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ and the list is never-ending. Today we are going to talk about how to block Hulu ads. Hulu is an American platform that streams films, movies, and series. It is the most-liked and viewed online platform for streaming newly-discovered shows and in addition to it, we can live stream TV. It is the most liked possible course of action in the company of video streamers.

How to Skip or Block Hulu Ads
How to Skip or Block Hulu Ads

It is a premium online platform. Monthly charges for Hulu’s premium plan are $5.99 and the live TV option is set at the price of $64.99 per month. The weakest point of Hulu is that the primary plan of Hulu gives ads in between. Sometimes ads are of 2-3 minutes which would be very boring for the Hulu user which give a breaking video experience to them.

Steps to Block/Skip Hulu ads

  • By using Chrome extension

As of now, there are hundreds and thousands of ad blocker extensions that are in everyone’s reach and are accessible on chrome. An individual can use the Chrome Adblocker extension to make themselves free from Hulu ads. An extension like Ad-Block plus is comfortable for the user and works quite simple on Hulu.

  •  Use two Hulu tabs

Video streamers usually trust some mechanism to get comfort from Hulu ads. Sometimes, the mechanism does not work. So we can get rid of this. See the following steps to skip Hulu ads:

  • Open Hulu on your web page and pick up a video that you want to stream
  • Then after doing the above-mentioned step you have to right-click that tab and then opt for ‘Duplicate’.
  • After opting for Duplicate users will see two tabs streaming the identical content.
  • Now what the users have to do, they just have to mute the sound of the second tab, and fast forward some minute seconds before the first ad.
  • Then after that, open the 1st tab and start streaming the video.
  •  Now at any minute the 1st ad comes to view, change the tab to the second tab and then pay attention to the video in the second tab.
  • Setup AdGuard DNS

AdGuard DNS is a guaranteed and trustworthy method to block advertisements in Windows 10. It is quite difficult to set up AdGuard DNS but once done with the setup it will get rid of all the ads whether it is in any of the browsers, games, websites, etc.

  • Reload Hulu Continuously

If we reload or refresh the Hulu webpage it won’t eliminate the ads but will put the long ad and place the shortened ones. What the user has to do is just, whenever the ad comes they have to refresh the page thus reducing the ad length. Like if you face an ad that is of 3-4 minutes just reload the Hulu web page the program will give you an ad that is only 30-35 seconds.

  • Upgrade to Hulu plus

It is a magnificent method to remove ads on Hulu which is an online streaming platform. We just need to make it better and switch to Hulu plus plan. They will charge $11.99 for it. There is a little bit of a cost difference between the basic and Hulu plus plan which is roughly $4. Most of the ads are separated from this plan. Only the exceptional will be figured out there.

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