How to Send and Receive Money with Venmo?

How to send and receive money with Venmo – As the number of individuals using the app has increased by several million merely in the past year, the response to the inquiry “Do you take Venmo?” is becoming more and more regularly a resounding yes. It’s not only buddies paying each other back for dinner or concert tickets anymore; Venmo is also making a push into corporate payments. As a result, you may now use Venmo to pay for a variety of goods and services.

How to send and receive money with Venmo

You can send and receive money using Venmo, an app that is simple to use and that you link to your bank account. Once set up, sending money with Venmo is as simple as typing in the recipient’s name, choosing Pay or Request, adding the desired amount and a comment about its purpose, and then pressing Pay. The process for asking for money on Venmo is the same: Enter the name, select Pay or Request, specify the sum and the purpose, and then select Request.

As a result, both of you have Venmo accounts and one of you owes the other money. Let’s get ready to use Venmo! Here is a step-by-step tutorial for using this well-known mobile payment service for person-to-person transfers to send and receive money.

Start the app

Open the Venmo app on your smartphone. Money cannot be sent or received using the website.

Click “Pay or Request” 2.

On the home screen, search for the Pay or Request button; it will either say “Pay or Request” or have the appearance of a pencil and a square.

Add a name.

Enter the username, phone number, or email of the person(s) you’d like to pay or charge. Make sure everything is correct because you wouldn’t want to pay Joe Smith $4 for something that is actually your friend. Joe Smith 5.

Type the sum.

Enter “50” in the space next to the dollar symbol to the right of the recipient’s name if you wish to send your friend $50.

Provide a note

Type whatever you like in the “What’s it for” area that is found underneath the person’s name. Emojis will propose themselves as you type. If you like, you can decide to include them.

Modify your privacy preferences (optional)

You can tap the privacy setting at the bottom right of the screen to modify it. Public means that anybody can see this transaction, Friends means that just the sender, receiver, and their Venmo friends can see it, and Private means that only the sender and the recipient can see it.

Decide what to do.

Choose the action you wish to take by tapping on “Request” or “Pay” in the blue bar.


At the bottom of the screen, a green confirmation bar will appear. Touch it.

Examine your email.

An email verifying the transaction will be sent to you.