How to Schedule WhatsApp Messages on Android and iPhone

WhatsApp is a name that I believe doesn’t require any introduction as it’s one of the most widely used applications around the world. But it stills lacks in sending Schedule WhatsApp Messages

It is one of the most famous applications for instant texting; it acquired wide prevalence because of many elements, for example, the capacity to message clients just with their mobile numbers. WhatsApp accompanies various elements including the capacity to trade media including Images, recordings, docs, and GIFs. 

Schedule WhatsApp Messages

Even the latest feature that comes in WhatsApp is to pay using the WhatsApp payment feature like another UPI payment platform. It additionally upholds video calling and voice calling with individual users and as well as one can have a group video or voice calling feature also. While these highlights enhance the application, a few elements are missing like Schedule WhatsApp Messages, in the application that obliges it from being a perfect decision for the users.

These days, basically nobody utilizes text messages because of the easy and cheap data plans available for all. This can be decided from the way that presently. People often want to send a message at a specific time like midnight to wish someone on their birthday, anniversary or so. But users faced a situation where they cannot Schedule WhatsApp Messages to their friends for a specific time.

In such circumstances, one truly wishes in case they had the choice to Schedule WhatsApp Messages. It would then be a lot more straightforward to simply compose a message and Schedule it to be sent naturally to the message receiver at a particular time. Notwithstanding, WhatsApp doesn’t have these functions as we have discussed earlier also. Yet, don’t worry as we have come up with this guide, this will help you to find a way to Schedule WhatsApp Messages that need to be sent to somebody at a particular time.

Schedule WhatsApp Messages on Android 

 Official the option of scheduling a message on WhatsApp is not available but there is some third-party application available on the play store for android mobiles that allows its users to use this function on WhatsApp. Apps as WhatsApp Scheduler, SKEDit, and more are some 3rd part apps available to turn on such features on WhatsApp.

Follow the steps below to Schedule WhatsApp Messages on your android phones:

  1. Visit Google Play Store 
  2. Download and install a third-party app like SKEDit, WhatsApp Scheduler, or any other such type. 
  3. Open the app.
  4. Launch the app and Sign Up for your credentials.
  5. After logging in tap on the WhatsApp main menu.
  6. Now the next screen opens, grant the permissions to allow the app to allow or enable accessibility of the installed app. 
  7. Toggle on the Use service and Allow. Now, return to the main app.
  8. Fill on the details as Add the recipient name and enter the message, set your scheduled date and time, and select in case you want to repeat the scheduled message at some specific time or not.
  9. Below, you will find one toggle as “Ask me before sending.” 
  10. Toggle it as tap the “tick icon” > your message will now be scheduled. Whenever the day and time of your scheduled message arrive, you’ll receive a notification on your phone asking you to complete the action. Tap Send and your message will be sent.
  11. If you don’t want the notification then toggle off the notification and disable the phone’s screen lock. By doing this, the scheduled message set is sent automatically at the specified time.

 Schedule WhatsApp Messages on iOS

 In contrast to Android, there isn’t any third-party application accessible on iOS through which allows you to Schedule WhatsApp Messages. Nonetheless, there’s one more method for doing this on iPhone utilizing the Siri Shortcuts, it is an Apple app that will automate the message on the planned time. 

There is a paid application in the Apple App Store that says it helps in scheduling messages however essentially sets an update for you to communicate something specific at a set time. It is advised to avoid paying for such applications. Here, follow the steps you should follow to Schedule WhatsApp Messages at a specific date and time:

  1. Open App Store on your iPhone 
  2. Install the Shortcuts application 
  3. Tap on a tab of Automation 
  4. Tap on the ‘+’ icon at the top right corner of your iPhone screen 
  5. Tap on the option of “Create Personal Automation”
  6. Simply enter the specified time and date to schedule and 
  7. Tap on next
  8. Tap on Add Action 
  9. In the search bar above, Just simply type and select the Text option
  10. Write the message on the Text option 
  11. It allows your message to schedule 
  12. Now, tap on the + icon which is available on the text field
  13. Then in the search bar select the WhatsApp option
  14. Choose the option of sending the message direct through WhatsApp and select the message recipient
  15. After completing the above steps, you will receive a notification at the scheduled time which allows you to send the message at that time.

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Pre-requisites required to Schedule WhatsApp Messages

There are some pre-necessities required in your mobile before activating the schedule messages. Without these conditions satisfied, you cannot schedule the WhatsApp messages. It is because there is no official feature available on WhatsApp. To ensure, that you can able to schedule your messages, you want to have the accompanying:

  1. You need to download and install the scheduling application on the mobile via the play store. It ought not to be downloaded utilizing an emulator. It ought to be the official apple available in the play store.
  2. You need to likewise allow the admittance to make changes in your messaging. In this way, after downloading the application, you want to open the settings. In settings, click “On” to the accessibility option.
  3. After accessing, select the application which you have downloaded on your mobile. Click the permission on and tick mark schedule message option.


Congrats, you have finally Scheduled WhatsApp Messages which allows you to send the messages at the specified time. We believe this guide will be helpful to you.