How to Remove Someone from Snapchat Group

In this portion, you will get information on how to remove someone from the Snapchat Group. Snap Inc. created Snapchat, one of the most liked social media applications used by children and teenagers.

It is a terrific multimedia app that allows you to share messages, snaps, stories with your Snapchat friends. Moreover, it offers several other excellent features such as news and entertainment, games, quizzes, and brilliant editing tools for snaps and videos.

One of the central features of Snapchat is the sharing of messages, stories, and snaps for a short interval for the receivers. Besides, it offers you an option to create Snapchat groups where adding a maximum of 31 persons is permissible. The group chat disappears after 24 hours, but the group continues. 

The difficulty that exists in the Snapchat groups is that removing any person from the group is not possible. That’s why we have presented a few ways for how to remove someone from the Snapchat Group

Method to Create Snapchat Group

Staying in touch with your friends has been made easier with the Snapchat Group feature. It takes a moment to set up a Snapchat group. Use the below steps to start a Snapchat Group:

Firstly, press on the New Group option.

Next, choose those friends whom you wish to add to the group.

After that, hit on the Chat with Group option.

Finally, assign a name to the group and send a message to start a Snapchat group chat.  

Note: A single individual can serve as the Snapchat Group Admin only. The other group members get the privilege to rename the group or add more members.

Thus, creating a Snapchat group is a simple method. But Snapchat is different from iMessage and other social networking services. There is no route for how to remove someone from the Snapchat Group. But don’t give up hope. We have depicted four solutions to dismiss someone from the group chat.

How to Remove Someone from Snapchat Group

It is big trouble when you cannot expel an irritating member from the Snapchat group. But these four ways will help you to handle this problem:

  1. Call on the Person to Exit 

Asking the member to exit is the first solution that you can opt to delete a person from the Snapchat group. Generally, as a group admin, you will stay away from this solution. You may think that this method will create further issues. 

But if requesting a member to exit the group works, then it is a good step. So, try out this idea for how to remove someone from the Snapchat Group query. It will help in keeping the group perfect.

  1. Count Until Group Chat Disappear

The group chat messages will be automatically removed after 24 hours if no member replies or shares pictures or videos. Therefore, you and your buddies can hold back until the group chat vanishes from sight. It is another way to keep away from annoying group members.

  1. Form a New Group

Setting up a new group is another solution for how to remove someone from the Snapchat Group issue. You will be unable to find the content of the old group in the new one. But you can add the previous group members to the new group except for the irritating Snapchatter. 

Lastly, the added members can exit the previous group as well as the rude member. It is the best way to get rid of a disturbing Snapchatter who objects to leaving the group. Moreover, you have the choice to block the highly argumentative user. Later, you can unblock the user if you want to. 

  1. Leave the Group

The final solution for how to remove someone from the Snapchat Group is leaving the group. You can exit the Snapchat group on your own if the chat content is unpleasant. Follow the below method to drop the group:

First, unlock your Snapchat app.

Then, hit on the chat icon given below on the left side. 

Now, select and press on the group that you want to exit.

Finally, click on Menu at the right and hit on Leave to verify your group exit. 

Final Words

Snapchat is a successful messaging app due to its ability to unveil the latest options and group chat features. Presently, it does not provide for how to remove someone from the Snapchat Group. However, you can apply the above four options to erase someone creating issues in the group.