How to Remove Background Noise in Premiere Pro

This guide presents simple methods to remove background noise from a video or audio clip using Premiere Pro software. Dip into this tutorial carefully to learn about background noise, Premiere Pro, and steps to eliminate background noise through Premiere Pro.

Take Meaning of Background Noise

An individual employed in the show business knows the trouble of unessential background sound in video footage or audio files. Similarly, capturing videos, making films, or recording audio each time saddles you when annoying background noise gets recorded too.

Thus, any sound that appears irritating but gets videoed is called background noise. Some examples of background noise are the sounds of vehicles (cars, trains), wind, persons, lights, ACs, metal surfaces, hooters, and many more.

We understand that recording an excellent scene may get ruined when you scan undesirable noises in the background. It is crucial to pull out such unpleasant sounds from the clippings. For that, you can seek help through a reliable video/audio editing application – Premiere Pro.

Premiere Pro Summary

You may use Premiere Pro software to work on digital video/audio clippings to remove irritating background clamor and add special effects. Premiere Pro is a popular video or film editing program introduced on 23 September 2003. Adobe Inc is the creator of this professional video editing tool.

CNN and BBC initially used this video editor app. After that, several flicks like Monsters, Gone Girl, Deadpool, Terminator: Dark Fate, and Captain Abu Raed got edited through Adobe Premiere Pro.

So, if you are in the entertainment industry, do not get tense when unwelcoming noises get documented in the video or audio files like WAVE/WAVs, or MOVs. In this guide, you will learn the usage of Premiere Pro to remove background noise.

Methods to Remove Background Noise in Premiere Pro

Follow the techniques outlined below to diminish or remove background noise plying Premiere Pro:

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Method 1: Use Premiere Pro Essential Sound Panel to Lower Background Noise

  1. Firstly, open Premiere Pro software.
  2. Hit on Windows at the top.
  3. You will notice the Essential Sound option. Make sure to place a tick on it.

4. Once choosing Essential Sound, a new panel will arrive.

5. Next, label your audio clippings as Dialogue.

6. Choose all that audios that you wish to rework.

7. Tap on Dialogue —> Repair.

8. Finally, revise the trackbars given for different options such as Reduce Noise, Reduce Rumble, DeHum, DeEss, and Reduce Reverb.

Note: Apply the Reduce Noise option to lower sounds from surroundings and air conditioners.

Likewise, use Reduce Rumble to decrease bothersome wind noise, knocks on mics, or skin or fabric scraping.

DeHum option lowers unwanted noises of electronic gadgets.

DeEss prevents unpleasant sounds from unstable mics or speakers.

Use the Reduce Reverb option to lessen resonance in a hall.

Method 2: Use Premiere Pro Effects Panel to Remove Background Noise

You may witness some very unbearable background noises in the videos or audio files. Thus, you may be unable to clear them out of the footage utilizing Method 1 explained above. In that situation, you can take the assistance of the Effects Panel included in the Premiere Pro video editor. This panel provides some additional options to draw out nasty background noises.

Track down the below steps to remove background noise:

  1. At first, launch Pro Premiere and tap on Windows.
  2. After that, choose one clip or multiple clips you want to revise.
  3. Now, double-tap on the Audio Effects option.
  4. You will see the Noise Reduction or Restoration option.
  5. Pick DeNoise.
  6. Choose the Edit option to launch Effects Control.
  7. Now, make adjustments to the Reduction button. Drag it up to 10 decibels. Each audio file begins at 0.
  8. Finally, hit the Play button to realize the effects applied to the audio file.


We hope that this tutorial has improved your film and audio reworking capacity. Therefore, use the above two methods to tap Adobe Premiere Pro for background noise removal.