How to Quote on Reddit in An Easy Way: The Best Social Media Platform

In this how-to guide, you will learn the ways for how to quote on Reddit. Being an active internet user, you must have spotted Reddit. Reddit is one of the best social media channels that upholds the front page of Internet status. Its front page of the Internet status indicates that it is the most toured website after its foundation.

Reddit is a prominent social news, content rating, and discussion forum worldwide. Several Reddit users inquire about how to quote on Reddit easily. 

Reddit is the right place where you can post and discuss any topic relating to news, technology, movies, games, comics, pop culture, literature, and so on. Steve Huffman, Alexis Ohanian, and Aaron Swartz started the Reddit website on 23 June 2005. The head office of Reddit is in San Francisco, California (USA). 

It’s okay if you do not know how to quote on Reddit. Here, we have explained easy methods to quote someone on Reddit, formatting text on Reddit mobile, and quoting comments or posts on Reddit.

How to Quote on Reddit

Sometimes, you need to quote a comment, post, or question while using your Reddit account for discussion. Therefore, you should know that quoting on Reddit is child’s play. You can easily quote comments or posts using options given on the Reddit app or website. A grey line will appear whenever quoting a comment on Reddit.

Use the following steps for how to quote on Reddit website:

Firstly, visit Chrome and type- in the address bar.

Sign in using your username and secret code.

Next, proceed to the post where you wish to embed a quote.

Visit the Comment part to search for a comment that you need to quote.

Select that comment where you want to quote.

Hit on Reply and choose the More (…) option.

Hit on the Quote Block (‘’) option under More (…). A grey line will arrive.

Finally, write your comment and click on the Reply button.

How Do You Quote Someone?

You may install the Reddit app on your smartphone (Android/iPhone/Tablets). Follow the below method for how to quote on Reddit app:

Note: No Quote icon is present in the Reddit application like it is in the Reddit site. Still, you can quote someone on Reddit.

Firstly, unlock your Reddit app and log in using your username and passcode.

Proceed to the comment that you wish to quote.

Next, click on Comment or Reply.

Add your comment in the Add a Comment box using the (>) symbol at first. 

Finally, hit on the Post option. 

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How Do You Format Text on Reddit Mobile?

Reddit Mobile is an authorized Reddit community where you will find all the latest Reddit information. Also, you will get Reddit app updates. 

Reddit formatting is a bit more tricky than how to quote on Reddit steps. However, follow and memorize the below steps to master the text formatting skill on Reddit Mobile:

Italicize Text

Add an asterisk (*) or underscores(_) to italicize a text on Reddit Mobile. For example, *Reddit* or _Reddit_  will appear as Reddit.

Bold Text

Add a double asterisk (**) or underscores (__) to bold a text on Reddit Mobile. For example, **Reddit Mobile** or __Reddit Mobile__ will appear as Reddit Mobile.

Quote Text

Use sign (>) to quote a text on Reddit Mobile. Also, you may use the same symbol to group your quoted text. 

Superscript Text

Add the caret sign (^) to superscript the text on Reddit Mobile. For example, Reddit1^Reddit 2 will appear as Reddit1Reddit2

Strikethrough Text

Add a double tilde (~~) to strikethrough the text. For example, ~~Reddit~~ will appear as Reddit.

Inline Code

Use (‘) to format Reddit Mobile text with inline code.

Block Code

Write a text with four spaces to add a block code.

Escape Special Characters

Write a significant text by adding special characters and asterisk like this: \*Reddit\*. The result will be *Reddit*. Here, the word gets enclosed with an asterisk, and special characters get omitted.

If Reddit Quote Not Working, What Will You Do?

The Quote option is not functional in the new Reddit. As a result, the above how to quote on Reddit method will not serve. It happens when you utilize the Fancy Pants Editor option. Instead, you can hit on the Switch to Markdown button. This option will enable you to quote on Reddit. 

How to Quote Comments?

Quoting comments on the Reddit website or app is an easy-peasy task. You may pursue the below steps for how to quote on Reddit:

On Windows Laptop/PC:

At first, open a browser and visit

Then, log in using your username and secret word.

Get to the post where you want to add a quote.

Arrive at the Comment part to scan for a comment that you wish to quote.

Choose that comment where you need to quote.

Press on Reply and select More.

Press on the Quote Block (‘’) choice under More. A grey line will appear.

Lastly, jot down your comment and hit on the Reply option.

On Android/iOS:

Firstly, launch the Reddit app and sign in using your login details.

Move to the comment that you want to quote.

Then, hit on the Comment or Reply option.

Use (>) initially to add your comment in the Add a Comment box. 

Lastly, press the Post button. 

Is Reddit the Best Social Media Site?

Yes, Reddit is the best social media site because it offers:


You can use an existing e-mail id or a pseudo name to create an account on Reddit. It is a free discussion forum with the least banner ads. Plus, you can use Reddit without any sign-up.

Content Value

Comment or post with a high score (upvotes number) shows up first. There are fewer chances of spam or low-quality content on Reddit. 

No Content Moderation

Reddit offers anonymity to its users. As such, they can express their likes, interests, or career path. 


We hope that the how-to quote on Reddit method is clear to you. Reddit is one of the top social media websites that you can’t overlook. It is the most preferred site for content marketing and social media analysis. Further, it offers you upvote and downvote options to express your like or dislike for a particular post. If you are not a Reddit user yet, register on Reddit to share your content for free.