How to Post a TikTok Blue Search Comment

How to Post a TikTok Blue Search Comment – Recently, you’ve certainly seen a lot of blue comments under videos while navigating through TikTok. Some comments contain links that take users to a search page, but how are they accomplishing that? You have arrived at the appropriate location if you wish to participate in the blue comment action. This post will describe how to make your comments on the videos of your favourite creators turn blue as well as the significance of these comments. To make your TikTok comments stand out, keep reading!

How to Post a TikTok Blue Search Comment

Things to Be Aware Of

  1. Find pertinent hashtags, words, and phrases that are connected to the content of a video in the caption, comments, and hashtags.
  2. Simply type the words or phrases into a comment, or use them frequently. In a few minutes, check your comment to see if it has become blue.
  3. Your remark might not turn blue because TikTok uses an algorithm to make comments blue. Contribute to your chances by leaving comments on viral videos.

Find significant terms that are utilised in a video.

TikTok highlights in blue any words or phrases that apply to the video. Hence, make sure to view the entire movie and pay attention for any words or phrases the artist uses that are associated with the subject. Afterward, search for any text that they have included in the caption, the video, or the hashtags. It’s also beneficial to take note of the common language used by other comments. [1] As an illustration, if you’re watching someone give a red-carpet fashion review, relevant keywords could include the name of the event, any important celebrities who attended, the clothing designers, the movies or TV shows the celebrities are in, and “red-carpet” or “fashion review.”

To enhance your chances of making your remark blue, pick videos that are popular. TikTok can filter through additional data from videos with a lot of views and comments to evaluate whether your keywords are pertinent to the video.

Enter the phrases and keywords in a remark.

Simply write the pertinent phrases and terms linked with your video into a comment once you’ve gathered them. Please feel free to either leave a comment with just the pertinent phrases or words, or to include them in a longer comment about the video. [2] Copy the suggested search from the video’s comments at the top and paste it into your remark.

Use the words and phrases highlighted in blue in other comments if they appear in yours as well.

For instance, you might write “Crochet sweater tutorial” or “Your crochet sweater lessons are so easy to follow, I’ve loved every one that I’ve done!” on a video about making a sweater out of crochet. I’m about to give this pattern a shot.

In a few minutes, come back and review your comment.

TikTok doesn’t immediately turn your comment blue, so while you wait, view some other videos. Then, find your comment on the video by going back to it. The words in your comment that TikTok determined to be pertinent to the video are now blue and have a small magnifying glass next to them. [3] 1.3 Upon clicking the blue text, TikTok directs you to the phrase’s search results. When you click the blue lettering that says “rollerskating,” further videos about rollerskating will appear.