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2023 Complete Tutorial on How to Play Valorant on a Chromebook

How to Play Valorant on a Chromebook – Having a hard time at home? Isolation without a plan of action is the only thing worse than isolation. It’s likely that if you enjoy first-person shooter games, you have either heard of or used Valorant.

Everyone plays this first-person shooter (FPS) by Riot Games. One of the most well-known games on the market right now is without a doubt Valorant. Both players and journalists consistently praise the game’s plot, mechanics, economy, and skillfully blended solo and team gameplay.

If you own a Chromebook, you’ve probably heard that its settings aren’t ideal for playing games.

Although the software on Chromebooks is not ideal for gaming, you can use workarounds on your device. It is suitable for casual gaming, and Chrome extensions are available to support Valorant’s “firepower.”

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If you still don’t have Valorant on your Chromebook and would like to, continue reading.

Putting in Valorant on a Chromebook

Stop thinking about playing Valorant on your Chromebook before you lose your cool!

In essence, a Chromebook might not be a gaming laptop. You can try the cures we have here. Integrated Development Environments (IDE) can be installed to offer greater gaming functionality. While you’re here, have a look at the Acer Nitro 5 if you’re searching for a gaming laptop that can handle both work and play.

All Chromebook machines released in 2019 and later support Linux, which is officially supported by a number of gaming distribution systems, such as Steam. About Valorant, your Chromebook will require the installation of Linux and the coordination of WINE.

You can incorporate WINE, or “Wine Is Not an Emulator,” into your device’s operating system to allow it execute Windows programmes. To install Valorant, make sure your Chromebook has both Linux and WINE.

If you already own both, move on to the further steps.

Install Valorant on your Chromebook.

If you experience any issues with the voice chat, please read our article on what to do if Valorant Voice Chat is Not Working.

As you can see, installing and downloading Valorant onto your Chromebook is not particularly difficult. There are alternative ways to satisfy your inner gamer if you have difficulties downloading it.

Official Linux support for the market-leading distributor Steam.

How to Install Games on a Chromebook Using Steam

You must have Linux installed on your Chromebook, as was already indicated.

Brief Note

But, if your Chromebook was given to you for academic purposes by your school, it’s likely that Linux access has been blocked. When schools hand out Chromebooks to pupils for online learning, they block or lock the software that enables desktop gaming.

How Do I Know if School Administration Disabled My Chromebook Has Linux Access

the Chromebook’s Fast Settings programme

On the Cogwheel icon, touch

Next select Advanced Options.

If you do not see a DEVELOPERS option under Advanced Options, Linux access on your Chromebook has been disabled.

If you already understand it, you can continue with the subsequent stages.

Resetting (powerwashing) the Chromebook is another solution if Linux is still disabled after you have graduated from school. All of the software on the Chromebook will be deleted along with any locks.

Steam on a Chromebook

You must first install Linux on your Chromebook.

To configure your account, enter the desired Username and the desired amount of disc space.

Transfer the DEB file to your Linux folder.

Enter “Steam” in your search box if you can’t find it among your desktop icons.

To run the application, double-click it.

Use these instructions to start gaming on your Chromebook. There are a few games you can play without issue on a Chromebook, despite the fact that your selection won’t be that large.

What Games on Steam Can I Play on a Chromebook?

Almost 8,000 different games are available on Steam, a platform created by Valve Corporation, which has about twenty-one million players. Chromebook users can now access a variety of Steam titles thanks to Linux (Beta).

Here are some games for your Chromebook that we recommend. They don’t require strong GPU functions to function and aren’t data-dense.

Dota 2 Defense of the Ancients is a free game that offers players fantastic storylines and reliable gameplay.

Portal 2 Portal 2 is a Puzzle-Platform game with a user rating of 10/10.

The LAN game Counter-successor Strike’s is called CS:GO, or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Wild Hunt, The Witcher 3

Imagine you had a Chromebook with a more potent inbuilt GPU, similar to the No items found. Choose from titles like The Witcher.


In this tell-tale game, you can choose your own path and resolution. This should be played with an acceptable iGPU as well.


Here are some solutions to problems with gaming that Chromebook users frequently run across.

What Laptops Are Excellent for Gaming?

Your Chromebook is usually used for online learning or working from home. Check out the Acer Predator Helios if you want a laptop that can play games.

The Helios can hold more programmes in total volume. You can use it for work and study from 9 to 5, as well as for nighttime gaming.

What Games Are Compatible with a Chromebook?

The Play Store provides users with access to a large range of games devoid of add-ons or helpful programmes like Linux (Beta) or WINE integrations.

Individually searching for solutions online might be a bother. We hope that this post was helpful in illuminating Chromebook gaming.

As you can see, assuming you already have Linux (Beta) and WINE software installed, installing Valorant on a Chromebook is an easy process. You may learn more about how to download Linux (Beta) for a Chromebook here if you don’t already have either.

Keep in mind how fantastic it is to have the required software for more demanding games. Yet, the Chromebook Play Store provides users with a variety of games that don’t require any addons.

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