How to Ollie on a Tech Deck, Know step by step guidance

Skating or we can call it skateboarding is one of the most popular sports around the globe and it also turns out to be increasingly well known. In the same way, people are very keen to learn “How to Ollie on a Tech Deck works” for finger boarding, so that they can perform as well as replicate similar stunts of skateboarding on a fingerboard. Utilizing the Tech Deck fingerboard, you also can dazzle your loved ones by doing astonishing stunts. Learn how to Ollie on tech Deck with 2 and 3 fingers by following the steps below:

How to Ollie on a tech deck with 2 Fingers?

Organize the Tech Deck in accordance with the directions given on the box of the TechDeck fingerboard. Now, put Fingerboard on the floor and put your pointer/index finger in front of the board. You will utilize your prevailing hand to get the job done. Place the center finger of a similar hand on the back of the board (tail).

How to Ollie on a Tech Deck
How to Ollie on a Tech Deck

First, place two fingers on the board and afterward push down on. So that board is pushed around. Push down onto the two fingers to check what befalls the board. To figure out how this stunt is done while using, carry the board to where you need to get the job done and pop the back tail with the center finger. Now, put your fore/index finger close to where you found “T” on Tech Deck.

Somewhat apply pressure on the front side of the board when the other side of the board is into the air. At the point when the backside of the board is up high, push the same down by utilizing both fingers. Now, Land with the two fingers and continue to skate ahead a while later. In the event that your fingers slide from the board, bring it once again into the right spot while the board is in movement. Continue to excel in this trick; attempt to work on doing Ollie higher than previously.

How to Ollie on a tech deck with 3 Fingers?

Start by arranging the board as provided in the package box. The three fingers we will use in this trick will be the Index/pointer finger, middle/center finger, and ring finger. Put the board on the floor and place the index finger into the back of the board’s front screws. Now put the center finger just behind the logo of the brand on the board. And now, lastly, the ring finger will go at the board’s back. First, check how all the three fingers treat the skateboard once pushed down on.

So therefore simply push your board around. Now, push down on each finger separately to see what will happen to the board. Now for the trick with the 3 fingers, first we have to smack at the board’s back. Utilize the ring finger to smack on Board’s tail and all the while, now push forward. After this, all the 3 fingers need to be on your board consistently. Now, the board will go in the air and push ahead when you will smack the board’s tail. Now with 3 fingers, attempt to land on the board as you continue to go forward. Eventually, you should simply ride the board pushing it forward after the board lands.


Since you realize how the tricks will work on the Tech Deck, you can likewise figure out how to kickflip on your Tech Deck now. Practice more to excel your skills in this so that to impress your friends and family. Even teach the tricks to your friends too.

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