How to Mirror Phone to TV without WiFi

Play Videos From Your Phone on TV Without WiFi

Usually, individuals spend a lot of time watching popular shows or movies on their smartphones. But streaming episodes on a small screen is not so engaging. So, it is a good idea to watch shows on your smart television. The big screen of TV enhances your flicks, series, or shows viewing activity.

So, are you thinking of connecting your phone to a TV set? Well, you have the option to view YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, or any shows on your TV via smartphone with a wireless internet connection. 

However, it happens that you do not have WiFi connectivity. So, you might be thinking about how to mirror phone to TV without WiFi. Yes, there are some tips that you can apply for connecting your phone to a TV without WiFi. 

Read below to get information for cloning your phone to TV in the absence of WiFi. 

How to Mirror Phone to TV without WiFi

Methods for How to Mirror Phone to TV without WiFi

Study the below ways of emulating your phone to TV unaccompanied by WiFi:

  1. Chromecast or Google Home App

The first method is the Google Home application that offers a choice of mirroring your phone to tv with no WiFi. Chromecast is a Google pocket device that you have to insert into the HDMI port of a TV. Use the steps stated under:

  1. Firstly, initiate a mobile hotspot to download the Google Home application.
  2. Proceed to the app and select your e-mail ID.
  3. Now, pick the Add Another Home option and name it.
  4. Google Home app will look for the closeby devices. You have to link your Chromecast device. For that, press the Yes button.
  5. Google App will display a code on your phone and television display. You need to confirm it.
  6. Then, you have to choose a network or link for Chromecast. So, utilize your phone’s hotspot.
  7. Now, go to Google Home —>.Account option.
  8. Next, choose Mirror Device.
  9. Pick the Cast Screen or Audio option.
  10. Finally, click on the TV that you wish to connect. Begin screen mirroring from your smartphone to the TV set.

Point to Remember: Google Home app gets updated constantly. So, you have to scan a load for that. Additionally, utilize different gadgets for copying and hotspot.

2. Link with the USB Port 

The application of a USB Port is another way for imitating your phone to a traditional or connected television without WiFi and you will require two things:

For TV: MHL/HDMI cable 

For Phone: MHL/HDMI adapter

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Remember not each smart gadget aids MHL/HDMI. Phones like Samsung Galaxy 8 or higher allow MHL/HDMI. Likewise, many smart devices companies do not allow MHL support. Therefore, examine whether your device permits MHL or HDMI. Once verified, purchase the right cords for resolving how to mirror phone to TV without WiFi request.

  1. Firstly, get a phone that facilitates a USB C port, and insert an HDMI adapter’s one tip in it. 
  2. The newest Galaxy phones provide the option of a USB C Port. Once the adapter uses the micro USB or USB C port, you cannot place your phone for charging.
  3. After that, link one point of MHL or HDMI cable with the adapter. And place the other tip into the TV port.
  4. Finally, begin copying your phone screen to the TV.

3. Laptop Utilization

It happens that you do not have an adapter. In this situation, you can use your laptop to stream content on your TV. In reality, this plan does not replicate your phone to TV. However, it copies your laptop monitor to stream shows or videos through your phone. Thus, your laptop will serve as a connecting link. 

  1. At first, place the HDMI cord in the laptop HDMI port. And insert the other tip inside the TV port.
  2. Now, link your phone to your laptop using a USB data cord to stream videos or any content.
  3. Choose the videos, series, movies, or shows you wish to view.
  4. After turning on the HDMI on your TV set, you can watch those contents present on the laptop’s screen.

 It is a great way to connect your phone to your TV without WiFi. But if you have data connectivity, install any application that enables how to mirror phone to TV without WiFi.

Final Words

We have provided you with the best hacks to fix how to mirror phone to TV without WiFi. Still, it gets complex to mirror a phone to a TV without WiFi. Devices like Chromecast need some wireless links like ethernet or mobile internet connectivity. Hence, utilize the apt stuff and tools and above tricks to copy your phone screen on the TV with no WiFi.