How to hide hashtags in Instagram posts

You can add up to 30 hashtags on Instagram. If used correctly, they can help you reach new people beyond your existing audience. They are a popular organic growth tool, and they are free!

Problem? Using hashtags all over your posts can make them look cluttered and hard to read. You will lose engagement if you leave them out.

To hide or to not hide?

Our businesses are promoted using hashtags. Hashtags allow people to find the content they like, organize Instagram and make your posts more discover-able. They should be celebrated and displayed as a badge, not hidden away.

How to hide hashtags in Instagram posts
How to hide hashtags in Instagram posts

Many businesses don’t see the point of hiding hashtags on Instagram and so they don’t bother. It’s up to you to decide if you want to do so. A lot will depend on your marketing goals and the target audience you are targeting.

Use Instagram Insights to test out different posts and find what works best for you. If you need to keep your hashtags hidden, you will now know how to hide them on Instagram.

You may now be asking: “How do I hide my hashtags and not lose engagement?” 

In this post we will show you how to hide hashtags in your Instagram posts.

#1: Include your hashtags in your caption

This is the most popular method we’ve seen creators use to hide their hashtags in Instagram captions.

Here are some ways to hide hashtags from your caption

  • Your caption should be written
  • Add 3 to 5 dots to the caption’s end
  • After each dot, hit enter
  • Paste your hashtags
  • Share your post

If someone clicks on your caption to expand and read the content, the hashtag list will appear at bottom. This does not interfere with your message.

#2: Leave a separate comment with your hashtags

You can hide your hashtags in separate comments if you don’t wish to include them in your caption. You can either manually post your first comment or use to schedule your posts at the best times.

Here’s how to hide your hashtags from others in a separate comment

How to hide hashtags in Instagram posts
How to hide hashtags in Instagram posts

  • Make a new post
  • Caption and add imagery
  • In the first comment, paste your hashtags
  • Plan your post
  • Done! Done!

Final Takeaways

I don’t want to tell everyone that both schools of thought are correct. I just want to point out how one tactic may work for one brand and not another. It is important to know your audience and use hashtags and other methods that resonate with them.

Of course, you should test, analyze and test again.

Insights can give you great insight into what is working with your audience. Look for patterns in the engagement, reach, and impressions of your content. Find out what content is gaining the most attention and copy it for future content.

You can turn a passive viewer into a brand ambassador by allowing them to comment, like, and repost content that they are interested in.

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You’ll still get the same results regardless of whether your hashtags are hidden in your caption or in separate comments under your post. It’s up to each individual to choose which method is best for them.